Warframe Prime Resurgence Last Chance: Schedule, farming strategies, and more

Prime Resurgence in Warframe is a limited-time chance for newer players to get vaulted primed gear (Image via Digital Extremes)
Prime Resurgence in Warframe is a limited-time chance for newer players to get vaulted primed gear (Image via Digital Extremes)
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About three weeks into the New War update, the Warframe Prime Resurgence is about to be over soon.

The 'Prime Resurgence' is a two-month long event that brings two sets of vaulted primed Warframe variants each week on a rotational basis. As such, this is the only occasion where the long-vaulted relics can be purchased systematically without any platinum investment.

Players can also obtain a number of exclusive cosmetics - syandanas, armor sets, and ephemeras, if they purchase Regal Aya from the Warframe store.

Your last chance at Prime Resurgence begins now, Tenno!💥 Mag Prime and Nova Prime💥 Limbo Prime and Trinity Prime💥 Mesa Prime and Hydroid Prime💥 Volt Prime and Loki PrimeEarn or instantly unlock Rotations 1 to 4 until Jan. 18.

The event will bring back all the rotational offerings for its final fortnight, divided into two different weeks: 'Last Chance' Part 1 and Part 2.

The 'Last Chance' schedule for Warframe Prime Resurgence

Part 1 contents (11.01.2022-18.01.2022)

Retrievable from January 11th till the 18th, the first week of 'Last Chance' will contain:


  • Mag Prime
  • Nova Prime
  • Limbo Prime
  • Trinity Prime
  • Mesa Prime
  • Hydroid Prime
  • Volt Prime
  • Loki Prime


  • Nami Skyla Prime
  • Ballistica Prime
  • Akjagara Prime
  • Redeemer Prime
  • Spritsail Prime Armor
  • Sardin Prime Sugatra
  • Mesa Prime Montesa Helmet
  • Operator Prime Accessories
  • Cholla Prime Sugatra
  • Dakra Prime
  • Boar Prime
  • Soma Prime
  • Vasto Prime
  • Targis Prime Armor
  • Distilling Extractor Prime & Blueprint
  • Edo Prime Armor
  • Velorum Prime Sigil
  • Pyrana Prime
  • Destreza Prime
  • Dual Kamas Prime
  • Oblivia Prime Syandana
  • Rift Walker Prime Sigil
  • Kavasa Prime Kubrow Set
  • Naviga Prime Sugatra
  • Odonata Prime
  • Bo Prime
  • Wyrm Prime
  • Edo Prime Armor
  • Kazeru Prime Sugatra
  • Summus Prime Sentinel Accessories
  • Daman Prime Sugatra

Part 2 contents (18.01.2022-25.01.2022)

To round off the final week of the Prime Resurgence event, the second part of 'Last Chance will contain the following Warframes:

  • Vauban Prime
  • Ash Prime
  • Oberon Prime
  • Nekros Prime
  • Saryn Prime
  • Valkyr Prime
  • Ember Prime
  • Frost Prime

It will also have primed equipment that drop from the same relics:

  • Vectis Prime
  • Akstilletto Prime
  • Fragor Prime
  • Carrier Prime
  • Tigris Prime
  • Sybaris Prime
  • Galatine Prime
  • Silva and Aegis Prime
  • Cernos Prime
  • Spira Prime
  • Nikana Prime
  • Venka Prime
  • Latorn Prime
  • Sicarus Prime
  • Reaper Prime
  • Glaive Prime

Note that Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime will be available throughout the Last Chance period. Moreover, these parts are also obtainable outside of the primed resurgence vault off Railjack relic rewards.

Where to farm Aya?

Varzia can be found at Maroo's Bazaar in Mars up till the end of the event (Image via Epic Games)
Varzia can be found at Maroo's Bazaar in Mars up till the end of the event (Image via Epic Games)

Aya is the main currency accepted by Varzia, the exclusive relic and primed equipment vendor for the event. 'Regal Aya' is the premium variant of this currency used to buy primed cosmetics mainly, but regular Aya can be used to eventually farm up all the primed parts via relics.


Aya can be obtained from all mission types in Void, but with the low drop rate, the recommended way to farm it is through bounties.

Aya has been integrated into the uncommon/rare reward tables in open world bounties of Warframe - in Planes of Eidolon, in Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift. Plains bounties are generally considered the slowest, thus choosing either Orb Vallis or Cambion Drift.

In both cases, the lvl 40-60 bounties offer the highest chance at getting Aya as bounty stage rewards. On average, the player can net 1-3 Aya each bounty at the current drop chance. The drop chance for Aya at each bounty stage are as follows:

Orb Vallis/Fortuna:

  • Stage 1: 0%
  • Stage 2: 25%
  • Stage 3: 25%
  • Stage 4: 21.4%
  • Stage 5: 50%

Cambion Drift/Necralisk:

  • Stage 1: 0%
  • Stage 2: 28.4%
  • Stage 3: 28.4%
  • Stage 4: 22.3%
  • Stage 5: 43.4%

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