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"We're both very awkward people": Corpse Husband describes his experience of meeting Sykkuno in real life

Corpse Husband and Sykkuno have once again won hearts online
Corpse Husband and Sykkuno have once again won hearts online
Modified 27 Mar 2021

Corpse Husband has shared his experience of meeting Sykkuno in real life.

Days after their meet-up broke the internet, Corpse Husband and Sykkuno teamed up for a stream of Among Us, alongside the likes of Valkyrae, Karl Jacobs and more.

Ever since their surprise meet-up went viral all over the internet, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the duo, with fans eager to find out more about what exactly transpired.

From speaking about the importance of the hoodie, which he handed over to Sykkuno to bursting out into giggles at the thought of how awkward they both were, Corpse Husband's stream proved to be quite a memorable one.

"I gave him the only one I had": Corpse Husband opens up on hand-delivering his merch to Sykkuno

During a recent stream, Corpse Husband opened up about what it was like to meet Sykkuno in real life.


He began by stating that he is a man of his word and spoke about the relevance of the hoodie that he gave Sykkuno:

"A lot of stuff about me hand-delivering the merch to Sykkuno.....I told y'all I 'll do it! I'm so petty like I'll keep my word for like everything so when I say I was gonna hand-deliver that man my merch , I had to do it. I gave him the only one I had , the first one to like ever exist "

He then described what it was like to finally meet Sykkuno in person:

"Me meeting Sykkuno in person is probably exactly what you thought it was going to be .I don't know how much I can talk about...but, so funny. We're both very, very awkward, reclused people . Um..we just ate pudding"

In light of his wholesome description of their meet-up, Twitter was abuzz with a slew of responses from fans who simply couldn't seem to get enough of the iconic duo:


With each passing stream, Corpse Husband and Sykkuno continue to leave fans in awe of their wholesome friendship.

Moreover, keeping in mind his struggles with social anxiety, the fact that Corpse Husband went out of his way to personally hand-deliver his own hoodie to Sykkuno is further testament to his commitment to their friendship.

Published 27 Mar 2021, 09:18 IST
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