Sykkuno's wholesome description of Corpse Husband's appearance wins over the internet

Corpse Husband x Sykkuno have taken over the internet once again
Corpse Husband x Sykkuno have taken over the internet once again
Modified 25 Mar 2021

Corpse Husband and Sykkuno recently broke the internet by meeting up in real life.

Fans across the globe had a collective meltdown upon seeing a familiar face crop up in Corpse's recent TikTok video.

All it took was a mere 10 seconds, as the sight of a smiling Sykkuno right at the end of Corpse's TikTok sent scores of fans into overdrive.

In the aftermath of their historic meet-up, fans are waiting for Sykkuno to answer the million-dollar question: what does Corpse Husband look like?

Sykkuno reveals what Corpse Husband looks like, and the internet can't get enough of it


What made Sykkuno's first stream since their meet-up memorable was the fact that he appeared on camera, grinning and wearing none other than Corpse Husband's hoodie.

As he was bombarded with enquiries from his restless fanbase, Sykkuno did well to prevent any major leaks about Corpse Husband's appearance.

However, he did come up with a wholesome response regarding what his faceless friend looks like, and it has now completely won over the internet:

"I'm gonna show you guys something, it's on some paper ..I think you guys will know exactly what he looks like after this . On this paper is exactly what Corpse looks like..He looks like a really good friend cause that's what he is ! That's what he looks like to me and I'm really glad I met him because he's a really cool guy."

Fans soon took to Twitter in hordes to gush over his wholesome response and their meet-up, in general:


Sykkuno's recent meet-up with Corpse Husband has proven to be an absolute treasure trove for fans in terms of memorable content.

As reactions continue to pour in from across the globe, fans will certainly be talking about this iconic meet-up for a long time.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 09:37 IST
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