"We had to turn the lights on so they wouldn't bomb us", Alinity shares her traumatic childhood memories

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Natalie Mogollon, known globally as Alinity Divine, is a well-known name in the streaming circuit, with 1.3 million fans on the platform. She can be found playing games such as Fall Guys and Apex Legends, apart from chatting with her fans.

Throughout her streaming career, she has been the subject of various controversies. Due to her persona, the online community at large tends to view Alinity in a negative light as they often fail to separate the person from the persona.

This has led to a whole new debate regarding what constitutes criticism vis a vis harassment:

However, in a recent podcast with Mizkif, the Colombia-born Twitch streamer shared some interesting insights about her life and her experiences growing up.


Mizkif's podcast with Alinity not only helped throw light upon her as an often misunderstood individual, but also highlighted her struggle to reach where she is today.

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Mizkif x Alinity podcast

Over the course of the podcast, Alinity makes some interesting revelations about her early life and how she deals with the tag of being an outcast in the streaming industry.

Stating that she never really allowed it to bother her, Alinity also spoke about how while growing up, due to her tomboyish nature, most of her friends were guys, as she never really got along with other girls.

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She also used to spend her time playing classic video games such as Counter-Strike and Age of Mythology at her neighbourhood LAN cafes.

Alinity then goes on to address a more serious issue which she faced while growing up, where she highlights the ordeals of staying near a military station:

The military would always start gunfire with the guerilla , as we lived near an area which was pretty close to the jungle. Everytime the base started firing and throwing bombs, we had to like get up and turn all the lights on, so they knew that there was a house there and that they wouldn't bomb us.
I grew up with a lot of fear of like, you know, getting kidnapped or killed and stuff . TV is really sensationalist in Colombia, so they would show like this footage of like the guerrilla going through an entire town and killing everybody and the bodies on TV. My parents let me watch as they thought it was good for me to know what was going on.

Alinity also recounts a tragic incident involving her pet chicken, as a shocked Mizkif looks on in bewilderment:

When I was like 8, my parents said that he found a family and was gone...but when I was 14 years old and was doing my autobiography for school, and I asked my mom what happened to him, where did he go? And she's like "Oh, we cooked him and you ate him ..."

Mizkif responds by giving a simple observation of how people tend to misrepresent and misunderstand her:

I think a lot of people judged you , including myself and we're wrong. We judged on the basis of what we saw from the people who want us to only see that part.
In reality, when you look at who you are and your struggles in life , especially with your husband and the fact that you came out of Columbia ...I think it shows a different side of you, that you're not this monster piece of shit.

Alinity then goes on to speak about a wide range of issues, ranging from how she prefers a quiet life to answering fun rapid-fire questions.

She ends the podcast by saying that if she and Miz were in school together, then they would have definitely been friends.

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