What are the allegations levied against DreamSMP member manatreed?

What are the allegations against manatreed? (Images via Twitter/manatreed)
What are the allegations against manatreed? (Images via Twitter/manatreed)
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A flurry of accusations and allegations have surfaced against the new member of the Dream SMP group - manatreed. It is rare to see someone accused of abuse on their debut livestream.

A user on Twitter came out and handed several images and proofs against the new live streamer. According to this burner/throwaway Twitter account, manatreed is a known abuser, and Dream knew about his actions but continued to make him a part of Dream SMP.

Twitter user alleges abuse against manatreed

A Twitter user by the account name "burner19872022" (@burner19872022) came forward earlier today and presented many pieces of evidence against the Twitch streamer. This evidence is yet to be proved right.

According to this Twitter user, Ollie's" real name is "Justin A". He later went on to give his real name as "Justin Tyler Alfonso".

TW abuseManatreed “Ollie” is a known abuser and Dream knows this and is keeping it hidden.(some images in this thread will be censored to keep from doxxing individuals)Mantatreed “Ollie” is actually a man named Justin A.

Burner19872022 alleged that Dream and Ollie met each other in elementary school, providing a picture of two kids (supposedly Dream and Ollie) as their "evidence" to the claim.

I found this information based off of information I had already acquired about Dream. Justin and Dream were friends back in elementary school and there are multiple pictures of them together. You cannot dispute this fact.
We also know that they knew each other when they were children because of Sydney, Dream’s sister. As you can see from the image below, D.A. (Justin’s grandmother) is still friends with Sydney on facebook and actively likes her posts.

According to burner19872002’s record, a lawsuit was filed against “Justin A." The lawsuit was filed on the grounds of domestic abuse on January 19, 2022. Around this time, Justin A. was living with an individual name Clay (thought to be Dream). The case ended with Justin having a restraining order filed against him.

On 1/19/2021, a lawsuit was filed against Justin A for domestic abuse towards his girlfriend, L.M. While this court case was going on, Justin was living with Dream.(public record documents don’t lie)
This case was concluded by Justin having a restraining order filed against him, as you can see below.

The Twitter user provided a location and an address which they say is important.

These locations are very important because they are the locations that L.M. frequents.(please note this image was screenshotted as this thread was being written, meaning L.M. still goes to that church)

Burner19862002 wrote a number of concluding tweets that mentioned that Dream had allegedly known about Ollie's legal record and continued to promote him on his platform. The burner account also clarified that all the information they brought to light was found through public records,.

In conclusion: Dream has known about the abuse charges against Justin and overlooked them. Not only did he overlook them, he allowed Justin to stay in his house while these cases were going on and while the abuse took place.
He completely ignored the violent acts of this man in favor of producing more content.If anyone would like the full pictures, uncensored, I will be more than happy to provide. However, keep in mind that these pictures include very sensitive information.
I would like to add, all of this information was collected through the use of public records. None of it was collected through doxxing or hacking of any kind. I do not believe in such acts.

Burner19872022 later provided what they felt was "proof" that connected the name Justin Alfonso to Ollie's "real" identity. However, several fans seemed to stay doubtful on this end of the issue, asking for more evidence to connect the two figures.

Manatreed has stated in his stream that him and dream use to know each other in a mc pvp server. This isn’t the full truth as Justin Alfonso, is a real life friend of dreams who has a battery charge and restriction order against him from January 2021…Case numbers : 21-DR-000680 (dating violence) and 21-CM-001827-A (battery charge)
I dug a bit through his court cases and was able to find that he lived in Dream's house during some of them, the records list that address as late as September 2021.
You might’ve heard the name Justin Tyler before and it's because it's the name of River Phoenix, the childhood friend of Dream River Phoenix’s mom follows manatreed on Instagram
Manatreed is River Phoenix here is a comparison

Fans react to Twitter users' allegations against manatreed

Several people reacted to burner19872022's allegations and accusations against the streamer. The audience mentioned that these accusations didn't make sense and asked for authentic proof.

@burner19872022 So why are things not adding up, Dream lived with his family and then Sapnap, and Dream has only been 22 for a couple of months. None of this is making sense, next time you are sending false allegations make more sense.
@burner19872022 You’re straight up trying to tell me that Dream (an abuse victim) would let an abuser reside in a place his little sister often visits?? And he hasn’t even been living on his own for that long plus this would all mean that both Sapnap and Dream were lying about how they met him
@burner19872022 Dreams literally a victim of abuse why would he hide Manatreed... also there is no links or any other proof but some random ss..? We are also forgetting that twitch censors full names as well, this makes completely no sense
@burner19872022 i literally cannot believe how far some people can go for clout
@burner19872022 This is bs dream hasn’t been 22 for awhile and Ollie and him have only been friends for a while now since the last time they stopped talking also dream wouldn’t hide it since he kicked someone off the dream smp for this reason and didn’t find out for a little bit but then quickly
@burner19872022 @tubboxranboo ?????? I don't believe and will not believe this until you provide actual screenshots. Dream has been 22 for like what ? 5 months? and he's been living with sapnap for a year now that screenshot is fake

Manatreed reacts and addresses the controversy

The accused streamer tweeted his reaction approximately two-and-a-half hours after the first tweet by the Twitter user burner19872022.

He wrote that he’s never abused anyone, nor has he ever been arrested and went on to mention how crazy it is that he is experiencing such controversy on the first day of his streaming career.

In a series of tweets, he later clarified that he would never hit a woman and is dumbfounded by the whole situation.

I’ve never abused a woman, I’ve never been arrested, I can’t believe I even have to say anything. So disgusted and crazy that this is only day 1 of my streaming experience. not even sure how people come up with this stuff
to people saying they can’t just take my word, I don’t even know what to say. I’m not even being accused, a guy with a random name, dob, and location is being said to be me because our chins look similar? I can’t even comment on anything without doxing myself. it’s depressing
sorry to anyone that’s been put through stress, I would obviously never hit a woman and I’m just dumbfounded about the whole situation. It’s very frustrating. my heart goes out to anyone that needs it.

Ollie is a 24-year-old content creator from Florida, United States. He debuted his live-streaming career on January 29, 2022, on Twitch. He managed to get 266k followers on his first day and peaked at 215k viewers with an average of 152k viewers.

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