Who is manatreed? The Minecraft personality debuts on Dream SMP server through first Twitch stream

manatreed debuts first Twitch stream, joins DreamSMP as latest addition (Image via Twitter/Twitch/manatreed)
manatreed debuts first Twitch stream, joins DreamSMP as latest addition (Image via Twitter/Twitch/manatreed)
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Ollie "manatreed" is the latest addition to the DreamSMP server, generating a massive amount of hype owing to his sudden rise in popularity over the past few months.

The Minecraft personality started on Twitter, with many theorizing that he was Clay "Dream" on a secret alternative account. This was dispelled by his debut stream and the information he revealed through it. FIRST STREAM IN 10 MINUTES…

Who is manatreed, the Minecraft personality that rumbled the Internet with their debut?

The mystery surrounding Ollie largely contributed to the anticipation and hype around his first stream and induction into the DreamSMP server.

Despite not having streamed under the name "manatreed" (until recently), Ollie was followed by several hundred-thousand accounts on Twitter and had thousands upon thousands of likes on each tweet.

The DreamSMP member had been theorized to be Dream himself, with people joking under each one of his tweets about the same. Ollie's account followed and was followed by Dream and several other DreamSMP members, furthering his fans' beliefs in the theory.

During his first stream, Ollie used a mic to speak to his viewers and other DreamSMP server members, including Dream himself. The streamer clarified that his tweets often sounded like Dream's as the latter would tell him what to tweet as a joke.

Ollie is a very old friend of Dream's and Nicholas "Sapnap"'s, having played with both of them before being well-known on YouTube. He was born on June 23, 1998, and is 24 years old. He stated that he has dyslexia and uses he/him pronouns but doesn't mind they/them.

The creator has not shown his entire face but has uploaded selfies of his face half-shown on his Twitter account. His Twitter and Twitch handle comes from his love for manatees. Ollie is said to be from Florida, United States.

Ollie's debut stream lasted for around two hours and recorded its highest viewership of 215k. On average, 152k viewers watched his stream, and he currently sits at 266.6k followers on his channel.

The streamer has said he has no consistent schedule set up for his streams yet but will be holding another stream soon.

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