What is CodeMiko really like off-camera? 

Image via CodeMiko
Image via CodeMiko

CodeMiko is one of the most popular VTubers in the world. She's the virtual avatar of a female streamer who calls herself The Technician. The Technician's real name is unknown.

VTubing has grown in popularity over the years. VTubers are streamers who utilize pictures, animation, or digital art to represent themselves. Many streamers use a virtual avatar for anonymity. Others use it to show off their designing techniques or express themselves in a creative manner.


The Technician uses the Unreal Engine software for her avatar. This is no small feat as the software is often limited to the biggest video game developers.

This makes the CodeMiko avatar unique within the VTubing and streaming sphere. The suit alone might cost upwards of $30,000. This undertaking is no small thing.

The Technician has taken it upon herself to work on developing, engineering, and rigging the avatar.

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Who is CodeMiko in real life?

There isn't much known about The Technician and her virtual avatar, CodeMiko. In one stream, she tried to reveal more about herself by stating that she had a boyfriend and called him during the stream. It was a way to humanize her online persona.

The attempt to humanize herself didn't really work out as her boyfriend was behaving like a robot during the call. From this interaction, it was clear that The Technician and her boyfriend, Brandon Winfrey, share a nerdy sense of humor.

It was also revealed that Brandon Winfrey is a writer at Insomniac Games, well known for Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Spyro The Dragon series.

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CodeMiko’s content revolves around talking to people

The Technician tries to separate herself from her virtual avatar. She has provided the following description for her virtual avatar.

“This is a quasi interactive, RPG, Livestream where it’s kind of like an arcade and a game and a stream and an RPG at the same time. It’s crazy, just know that.”

The content The Technician produces on Twitch consists of a lot of interviews and hanging out in chat. During her Twitch stream, viewers can interact with her avatar and alter its details.

Twitch Bits allow users to make explosions, unmute and mute the virtual avatar, CodeMiko.

In November 2020, The Technician posted a tweet of her process, which went viral. People were astonished to see the streamer's tech setup and how nicely the movements translated to the 3D model.

Since the tweet emerged, Pokimane and other streamers have appeared on Twitch streams with the VTuber. The streamer's views have soared since.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding The Technician and her VTuber avatar. Neither her birthday nor age is confirmed. Some believe she is 26 years old, while others disagree.

The Technician tends to reveal little details about herself in passing.

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