"They see me as a toxic person": CodeMiko cries inconsolably after Twitch kicks her off scheduled events following ban

CodeMiko was recently banned for accidentally doxing someone on stream
CodeMiko was recently banned for accidentally doxing someone on stream

Returning after a two-week ban, Twitch streamer CodeMiko finally streamed on the platform with some news that was quite devastating to her.

It seems that all is not good in CodeMiko's camp, as Twitch has mandated strict action against the VTuber. The American streamer was distraught over the news and delivered an important update to all her fans regarding her appearance in future events.

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CodeMiko in tears after Twitch removes her from events


CodeMiko returned from her third Twitch ban on February 5th, 2021, and had some heartbreaking news to share with fans.

"So, Twitch mandated that I get removed from Hivemind. They removed me from other events as well, where they were going to have for me."

Barely managing to get the words out, CodeMiko teared up while talking about how Twitch views her and the current state of her relationship with the company.

"It does... It hurts because I feel like they, um, see me like a toxic person or something."

The streamer was banned earlier during a stream where she was in conversation with a friend who was talking about the harassment she faced online. During this stream, CodeMiko accidentally exposed a person's name and email address, which was cause enough for Twitch to ban her for two weeks.

While unintentional, Twitch's Terms of Service are quite stringent with incidents like these, and exceptions are seldom made. The streamer lost over 4,000 subscribers throughout her ban, and her removal from Hivemind and other events poses another significant blow to the VTuber.

While CodeMiko does not deny any blame for the incident, her fans have been incredibly supportive, even going so far as to gift many subscriptions during her return stream.

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