What is Demon Slave and Demon Rampage in Bayonetta 3?

The latest entry in the iconic character actions series allows manualy controlling the deadly demons (Images via Nintendo)
The latest entry in the iconic character actions series allows manual control of the deadly demons. (images via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 is an evolution of the SEGA franchise thanks to new combat elements introduced by developer PlatinumGames. One of these is the ability to manually control the powerful demons summoned by the protagonist Bayonetta. This is on top of the combo-fueled action the series has always been known for, bringing exciting in-your-face battles against challenging foes to the table.

The game calls this new mechanic "Demon Slave", as it makes these entities follow the players' command.

Bayonetta 3's Demon Slave system adds a layer of depth to the already complex combat

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As mentioned before, Demon Slave summons an Infernal Demon out on the battlefield. This can be done by pressing the 'ZL' button on the Nintendo Switch. Players can equip up to 3 Infernal Demons (can swap them out as please) and have one active at a time. Of course, the game will not just allow players to go all-out with these beasts.

Rather, they are tied to Bayonetta's magic gauge. As such, Infernal Demons can only be active as long as enough magic is available to summon them. Additionally, this gauge drains over time as well. Magic regenerates over time, but actions like attacking and dodging help hasten the process. Once the Umbran Witch has enough magic to summon them, the Infernal Demon's portrait will be highlighted, indicating that it is good to go.

Some of the more popular summonable demons include Madama Butterfly, Gomorrah the giant black dragon, and Phantasmaraneae, a fiery spider. Other playable characters Viola and Jeanne also have their own Infernal Demons in the form of Cheshire and Madama Styx respectively, however, neither can use the Demon Slave mechanic.

It’s Bayonetta 3 day! Enjoy these slave demon art. #Bayonetta3

But there's more to it than just refueling your blood-thirdy monster. While in battle, the Infernal Demons are not immune to damage. As they take more and more damage from enemies, their anger gauge rises.

When maxed out, these creatures will go into Demon Rampage - a state where they will attack indiscriminately. This threatens to disrupt the flow of combat, so players must skullfully manage these mechanics.

Other notable elements include the fact that Bayonetta cannot attack while Demon Slave is active. She can only queue commands to input the monsters for combos. This means she is vulnerable during this period.

Infernal Demons will vanish once the magic meter runs out or can be manually dismissed. The latter is key, taking into account the anger aspect, so players will have to switch between controlling the witch and her pets to keep the pressure on foes.

What is the game about?


The Homunculi are man-made bioweapons that evade universes and wipe them out, plunging reality into the depths of chaos. Naturally, Bayonetta and her friends aren’t having it.

Players must fight their way through a time-traveling narrative as Bayoentta meets up with different versions of herself from other timelines to stop the ultimate threat known as Singularity. Some key features include:

  • Choose your playstyle: Bayonetta can be equipped with up to two weapon sets and freely change between them at any time. Chic accessories can grant special abilities to add a certain edge. Stick with your favorites or mix and match to suit the occasion.
  • Grow in power: Complete challenges and use collectible orbs to expand the capabilities of the coven and their pact-bound demonic companions.
  • Customize your attire: Hit up Rodin at the Gates of Hell to unlock outfits, accessories, and more for Bayonetta and Viola
  • Pick your intensity: Whether you’re a decorated Umbra Witch or new to the coven, you can find your sweet spot among one of the three difficulty settings. Optional, equippable accessories can make it easier for anyone to experience the spectacle.

Bayonetta 3 has exclusively released for Nintendo Switch.

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