How to play as Viola in Bayonetta 3

The newest member to join the club is not half-bad (Images via Nintendo)
The newest member to join the club is not half bad (Images via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 introduces many new gameplay elements to the iconic hack and slash series. However, the latest entry to this iconic franchise goes above and beyond with regards to the narrative as well. On that note, one of the several new faces to meet within the game is Viola.

An Umbran Witch, just like the series' protagonist Bayonetta, Viola is also playable in the latest Nintendo Switch entry. This article will detail how players can play as this character.

Viola helps spice up the gameplay of Bayonetta 3 with her unique playstyle

Despite the addition of new Witches, Bayonetta is certainly still the star of the show. As expected, the majority of the game's Verses and Chapters will be dedicated to the sassy femme fatale. This is accentuated further with the inclusion of varied Infernal Demons and weapons that she can acquire as well as an extensive skill tree for each of those.

In contrast, Viola only makes an appearance during certain portions. Fortunately, the game will provide ample opportunity to learn the basics of this character throughout the campaign mode.

As such, she is not a fully playable character and fans will only be able to use her in handcrafted sections, where her abilities will be put to the test. This include Chapter 5, where players will receive an on-screen tutorial as to how her attacks and abilities work.

Her combat moveset is as follows:

  • X button (Mash) - Perform a combo of quick slashes
  • X button (Hold) - Unleash a special strike
  • A button - Blade techniques
  • Y button - Throw four darts
  • ZL button - Hold to throw Viola's katana to summon Cheshire who fights on his own while Viola switches to a barehanded style
  • R button (Hold) - Block attacks with the katana. Has diminishing returns
  • R button (Press) - Just as an enemy strikes, press the button to parry it and activate Witch Time

It should be noted that, since she is still a Witch-in-training, she cannot command an arsenal of demons and weapons like the titular Witch can. Instead, she relies on her trusty katana and partner demon, Cheshire. Certain ailities like Demon Masquerade will also be unavaialble to her, despite the character possessing a demon.

Fortunately, she can still use the Demon Slave mechanic, to an extent at least. When summoned out on the field, Cheshire is controlled by the game's AI so players will not have a chance to control it like they would with Bayonetta's pets such as Gomorrah or Madama Butterfly.

This is not necessarily a bad thing since Viola's moveset is far more limited and reliant on more direct confrontations. Viola's fresh playstyle will see her slashing away at enemies with her deadly katana. While she can use Witch Time as well, it functions rather differently here. Instead of dodging enemy attacks, it is triggered by blocking them. This makes for a more laser-focused experience that is more traditional in scale when it comes to character action games.


Alongside these abilities, she can also use magic darts as ranged attacks. Furthermore, she is agile and quick on her feet, skills that are further boosted by her grappling hook. Many set-pieces will require the use of this unique feature to progress further into the game. Pairing the claw attacks of the large demon cat Cheshire with her own swift movements makes for a rather distinct gameplay scenario in Bayonetta 3. This can be further augmented by being able to equip accessories unlocked for Bayonetta.

Bayonetta 3 is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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