Where to find all Verses in Bayonetta 3

Viola and Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3 (Image via Nintendo)
Viola and Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3 (Image via Nintendo)

As the third installment in the series, Bayonetta 3 marks the return of our favorite gun-wielding witch. Developed by Platinum Games of Nier Automata fame, the latest Nintendo Switch title features some new and familiar faces.

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Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure, hack-and-slash video game with plenty of optional challenges and collectibles to keep an achievement hunter occupied. One such collectible is the Verses, which are both easy and challenging to find.

Note: Minor spoilers for Bayonetta 3 may follow. Reader discretion is advised.

Locating Verses in Bayonetta 3

Each chapter in Bayonetta 3 has several Verses to collect. Verses include battles to accompany them, and Bayonetta must survive through trials to earn powerups to use.


The side missions of Bayonetta 3 do not have any Verses for players to collect.

1) Prologue - A Chaotic Encounter

  • The first Verse is found in the opening battle on a cruiser.
  • The second Verse is the introductory fight for the Infernal Demons' ability.
  • The third Verse is against the Kraken fight a short while later.

2) Chapter 1 - Scrambling for Answers

  • Past the opening cutscene against Homunculi, Verse 1 is obtainable.
  • Smack right in the center of the open level is Verse 2.
  • The third Verse is hidden in the area above the waterfall.
  • The fourth Verse can be found in the middle of the Chaotic Rift pathway.
  • Verse 5 is obtainable near the Gomorrah battle sequence in Tokyo.
  • Verse 6 is on your right at the start of the level.
  • The seventh Verse is mandatory to clear as you are pitted against two large Homunculi in the streets of Shibuya.
  • Verse 8 is on the rooftops near a card pack.
  • Verse 9 is located inside the central tower.
  • The next and tenth Verse can be challenged after acquiring the demon pulse. Head to the left from your starting position to find a hidden location at the bottom of the road.
  • Verse 11 is under the tunnels of Shibuya.
  • Verse 12 can also be found inside the tunnels of Shibuya.
  • The thirteenth Verse is obtainable after exiting the tunnels, past the cutscene.

3) Chapter 2 - City on Fire

  • The first Verse is located on the right side of the starting point.
  • Verse 2 is automatically triggered once you move forward from the starting area.
  • The third Verse is hidden in the corner of the arena.
  • Verse 4 is triggered after completing the section with the water tower.
  • Verse 5 is still unknown as of now.
  • Head down to the next battle to complete Verse 6.
  • Verse 7 kicks off as soon as the previous Verse ends, taking you through a race course of destructive buildings.
  • Verse 8 is past the twin buildings and features a long boss battle.

4) Chapter 3 - A Sinking Feeling

  • Cross the moving platforms near the train carriage to reach the first Verse.
  • Verse 2 is past the first Verse on the roof of a building.
  • Verse 3 kicks off after the cutscene with Luka ends.
  • The next part of the level houses Verse 4.
  • Past the main gate, Verse 5 plays out against a large enemy.
  • Verse 6 features the section with a new Bayonetta.
  • Verse 7 is a long sequence past the previous Verse and features the new Bayonetta.
  • The eighth Verse kicks off with a kaiju battle.

5) Chapter 4 - World's Apart

  • Verse 1 is on the main route at the start of the chapter.
  • Break down the cracked wall with Bayonetta to reveal the second Verse.
  • The cracked wall near the lava holds Verse 3.
  • Head up the stairs and past the main gate to start Verse 4.
  • Past the area of Verse 4 is the Verse 5 fight.
  • Verse 6 is straight in the direction of the orange flare-like glow.
  • The seventh Verse is hidden behind a gigantic metal weapon right to the unsealed door.
  • Verse 8 is past the cutscene with Viola.

6) Chapter 5 - Hot Pursuit

  • Smash the orb at the beginning of the level to start Verse 1.
  • The second Verse is beyond the partially opened door.
  • Verse 3 is near the start of the level, hidden in the door on your far left.
  • Verse 4 is triggered in the main courtyard.
  • Leave the courtyard and chase down Luka. Enter the building to start the fifth Verse.
  • Continue chasing Luca and dodge the obstacles to begin Verse 6.
  • Verse 7 is located down the steps.
  • Head down the tunnel into a walkway. Turn right to start Verse 8.
  • Further down the steps into the next arena, a cutscene with Luka will be triggered. Complete the fight to clear Verse 9.

7) Chapter 6 - Off The Rails

  • Break open the large cracked door behind you at the start of the level to reveal Verse 1.
  • Past the courtyard along the walkway is the second Verse.
  • The third Verse is past the doorway of the main courtyard.
  • Verse 4 automatically begins when you move forward.
  • Verse 5 is at the bottom of the stairs to the right of the arena.
  • The sixth Verse is near the location of the fourth Verse.
  • Past the cutscene with the Pyrocumulus is Verse 7.
  • Use the lift to head up to find Verse 8 on your right.
  • Verse 9 begins as soon as you enter the next arena.
  • The tenth Verse features another alternate Bayonetta.
  • Verse 11 is the next battle against the Arch-Pyrocumulus.

8) Chapter 7 - Burning Sands

  • Reach the central platform before the two large towers to begin the first Verse.
  • Verse 2 is indicated by a pink glow near the main area past the towers.
  • Verse 3 begins as soon as you enter the Chaotic Rift.
  • The fourth Verse begins after the desert section with the Cheshire mirages.
  • The riding section with Cheshire follows next, along with Verse 5.
  • Find the tiny path between the cliffs to emerge out into a hidden area and begin Verse 6.
  • Move forward from the direction of the previous Verse to begin the seventh Verse.
  • Traverse through the moving platforms to reach Verse 8.
  • Verse 9 is near the exit of the sand river.
  • Enter through the main door to initiate a cutscene with Luka and begin Verse 10.
  • Verse 11 is immediately after a cutscene following the previous Verse.

9) Chapter 8 - A Croaking Chorus

  • Verse 1 begins as soon as the initial cutscene ends.
  • Head into the arena tower to begin Verse 2.
  • Verse 3 is near the side of the tower.
  • Underneath the tunnels in the quicksand is Verse 4.
  • The fifth Verse begins with the entrance to the next chamber, up the staircase.
  • Head up west from the stairs to enter a secret area that houses Verse 6.
  • Back past the exit, the seventh Verse begins.

10) Chapter 9 - Learning to Fly

  • Past the waterfall, Verse 1 is indicated by a glowing light.
  • Interact with the red glow in the right temple to start Verse 2.
  • Verse 3 is located on top of this temple featuring Bayonetta.
  • Head upstairs to the summit to trigger a cutscene and Verse 4.
  • In the temple with windmills, go through the big door to trigger Verse 5.
  • Head down the corridor to activate the sixth Verse.
  • Past the corridor on your right is a huge room housing Verse 7.
  • The eighth Verse is in the next room.
  • Verse 9 is just beyond the previous Verse in the next room.
  • Verse 10 is found in the large arena filled with gold.
  • The eleventh Verse is triggered after a short cutscene and features a flying section with some shooting.
  • The immediate next battle earns you Verse 12.
  • Yet another cutscene follows, after which Verse 13 commences.

11) Chapter 10 - Cover of Night

  • Reach the top past the moving platforms to find the first Verse.
  • Verse 2 is below the bridge of the tower near a Summon Barrier.
  • Past the magic door and into the new arena is the third Verse.
  • Cross over into the Chaotic Rift to find Verse 4.
  • Verse 5 will follow shortly after completing the previous one.
  • Verse 6 is in Paris, on the right of the main road.
  • Head off into the side street to the left to enter a portal for Verse 7.
  • Verse 8 begins after the cutscene past the main arch.

12) Chapter 11 - A Familiar Dance

  • Verse 1 is set against a familiar foe near the starting point.
  • Follow left into the area to find Verse 2, indicated by a golden glow.
  • Past the underground and back into the main street is where you can find Verse 3. This is a bit tricky to find, hidden in a corner across the floating platforms.
  • Head back to the main path to begin the fourth Verse.
  • Verse 5 is still unknown as of now.
  • Inside the Chaotic Rift, enter a long platforming section for Verse 6.
  • Verse 7 shortly follows after Verse 6.
  • The chapter ends with Verse 8 - a boss battle.

Chapters 12, 13, and 14 of Bayonetta 3 are still a work in progress.


Bayonetta 3 was released, amid much controversy surrounding ex-Bayonetta VA Helena Taylor, for the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

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