Where to find all Umbran Tears of Blood in Bayonetta 3? Collectible locations explored

Bayonetta 3 features exciting combat (Image via Nintendo)
Bayonetta 3 features exciting combat (Image via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 features many collectibles, such as Figure Boxes, Echoes of Memory, Card Packs, Records, Verses, Treasure Chests, and the Umbran Tears of Blood.

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Umbran Tears are represented by toads, frogs, and cats that Bayonetta must chase and collect. They are spread across each of the campaign’s levels.

Don’t worry if you miss them in your first playthrough. You can always replay the levels to collect them later on easily.

Minor spoilers for Bayonetta 3 may follow. Reader discretion is advised.

What are the Umbran Tears of Blood used for in Bayonetta 3?

Besides being collectibles, Umbran Tears serve another purpose in Bayonetta 3.

Finding all three animals in a level and procuring the Umbran Tears of Blood from them will reward Bayonetta with a Phenomenal Remnant. Remnants are rehashed versions of the prior levels, with just enough variety to make for enjoyable replays.

This includes time trials against enemies and new bosses and altered platforming sections that force Bayonetta to rediscover the game’s layout.

Depending on the rank you earn from these challenges, you will be rewarded with a variable amount of in-game currency that can be spent in Rodin’s shop. Items to be obtained are Witch Hearts and Moon Peals that can be used to increase your max HP and Magic, respectively. Certain Phenomenal Remnants even drop new demons and weapons for Bayonetta to use, making these challenges worth completing.


Chapter 1

  • The cat can be seen wandering around on the west side of the first region, past the dog mannequin.
  • Immediately after completing Verse 9, exit the mall to see a dilapidated street. The frog can be seen on top of a coffee shop sign croaking around.
  • The crow can be obtained after the completion of Verse 11. It will be perched on a railing.

Chapter 2

  • Right at the start of the level, the cat can be found hiding amongst other felines in a parking lot.
  • The crow is next to the Perseus Cafe, near the small building with a set of staircases leading underground.
  • Right after the spider section, follow through with Bayonetta the wreckage to the giant Tokyo landmark. The frog can be heard resting between two huge pieces of debris on the left side.

Chapter 3

  • The cat is found right after meeting up with Luka. It’ll be running around the long building on the left.
  • At the start of the level, head on over to Taito. Turn around to see a building with an arena-like structure in the middle. The crow can be seen perched on the edge of the building.
  • The frog can be found on a train, located behind several platforms. Follow over the platforms and into the train, defeating any enemies that stand in your way to see the frog near the exit.

Chapter 4

  • Head through the gate after Verse 4 and jump across the broken structure on your right. Climb up after breaking the crates on the ladder to the upper level. Chase the cat down to capture it.
  • Enter the castle room and climb up the support platforms to reach the new platform with a tiered building. Climb up the building and jump down to catch the crow.
  • Back on the main path, look on your left to find a huge bell with a gate underneath it which has the frog.

Chapter 5

  • The cat can be acquired after completing Verse 1. Exit the stage and lean toward the left side into a corridor. Chase the cat down and grab it.
  • Cross the broken staircase to come across a building on the opposite side. Climb there to pick up the toad.
  • The crow can be found right before you enter Rodin’s shop, spinning around one of the columns near the building.

Chapter 6

  • Head on over to the right of the main plateau to find a passageway amidst the lava. Use the watermills on the right to get across to the cat.
  • After Verse 4, head opposite Rodin’s station and climb up the rooftop. The crow can be spotted on the ledge.
  • After Verse 7, jump on the wreckage toward the headless statue near the lava. The toad can be spotted resting near the shield.

Chapter 7

  • Finish the game sequence with Cheshire and Viola, and head back to where you came from. Look out for a small opening on the left near some orb plants. Pass through the opening into a corridor, defeat the enemies and head forward to find the crow.
  • The toad can be found in the desert section. Proceed to the right side to go behind the waterfall. Move forward to find the toad lodged between the rocks.
  • The cat can be found in the center of the quicksand area. Chase it down on the platforms.

Chapter 8

  • Head to the waterfalls behind the heavenly encounter to find a bunch of toads. The toad you want is behind the waterfall.
  • Descend through the large staircase at the very start of the level to enter the ground floor. Climb across onto the large island-like structures underneath the stairs to find the crow.
  • After acquiring Baal with Bayonetta, double jump onto the pillars to find the cat past the room with the locked doors.

Chapter 9

  • Right at the start of the level, head onto the right side of the water cascade. The toad you need can be seen hiding inside the bushes next to the waterfall.
  • The crow can be found inside the chamber of the temple. Head over to the structure on top of the door, and jump over to the left to greet the crow nestling on top.
  • Right inside the chamber of Verse 7, look around to find the cat on the right side of the door located on the other end.

Chapter 10

  • After completing Verse 2, head to the opposite side of the main tower with the elevator. The crow can be seen perched on top of a ledge close to the pathway that leads to the plateau.
  • The cat can be found after completing Verse 6 near the metro entrance on either side of the street.
  • Head with Bayonetta to Rodin’s store and enter the path that leads into an alley on the left. Look for cracks on the right side of the wall. Destroy it to reveal the toad.

Chapter 11

  • Head onto the opposite side of the metro station right after the cutscene ends to find a crow.
  • The toad can be found in the subsurface region right before you leave. Head to the nearby wreckage to find it hiding in the left corner.
  • Complete Verse 4 and head back to turn Bayonetta into a corner and find a closed-down street. Hop on to the curtains to find the cat.

Chapter 12

  • Complete the heavenly encounter that triggers once you enter the alleyway into the big outdoor area after finishing Verse 2. Continue moving forward onto the wreckage to find the crow.
  • Once you make your way across the main street, follow through to the broken streets on the left side to reveal the toad near the end.
  • Complete Verse 4 and enter the alley with a bunch of vehicles crammed. Destroy the vehicles to reveal the cat’s location.

Chapter 13

  • Enter the collapsing road at the start of the level and make over onto the platforms on the left. The cat can be seen hanging around the place.
  • Continue exploring the area with Bayonetta. Head in the opposite direction to approach a strange monolith. Circle around it to find the toad.
  • Continue moving forward to find another collapsing road and make it over to the other side. Move up the structure until you find the crow just before the platforms.

Released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022, Bayonetta 3 is the third installment in the action-adventure series starring the spectacular Umbral Witch. It was created by developer Platinum Games, of Nier Automata fame, among other titles.

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