Where to find all Card Packs in Bayonetta 3

Third time
Third time's the charm (Image via Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch amid much controversy on October 28, 2022. It is the third installment in the franchise starring the Umbral Witch, Bayonetta, along with a brand new protagonist, Viola.

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As with previous games in the franchise, the title features many collectibles for the players to unlock, such as Card Packs. Obtaining them unlocks various items that can be viewed in the in-game gallery. However, these items do not offer any gameplay advantages. Listed in the next section are the Card Packs and their locations in each chapter of Bayonetta 3.


Note: This guide is a work in progress and will be updated later on to include the other chapters.

Locating the Card Packs in Bayonetta 3

1) Prologue

No Card Packs are obtainable in the prologue of Bayonetta 3.

2) Chapter 1

  • The first Card Pack can be located on top of a tree branch behind the tower.
  • The second one is on top of a high ledge to the left of a waterfall in the center of the stage.
  • The third pack is obtainable after completing the time puzzle on the rooftops. Once that it is done, head upward toward the billboard and fly over to the other side of the street to get on the rooftops and grab the item.
  • The fourth one is hidden in a nook behind the central curved tower.
  • The fifth one can be spotted in the tunnels under Shibuya. Take the first right, and then look right to locate it.

3) Chapter 2

The lone Card Pack can be located behind a pillar, on the right side of the starting area.

4) Chapter 3

  • Complete the battle and obtain the first Card Pack on the rightmost side of the stage.
  • The second pack can be obtained post Verse 5. Continue going forward to find the item in a corner.
  • The third one can be a bit tricky to obtain. You must grab the pack before the clouds of erasure surround you. It can be found near the first set of buildings if you swing across from the starting point as the alternative Bayonetta.
  • The fourth and final Card Pack of the level is near the left side of the stage just before the ending cinematic of Verse 6.

5) Chapter 5

  • The first Card Pack can be found on the right side before Verse 2 begins.
  • Head around the back of the tower to find the second pack.
  • Head on down to the westernmost tower to get the third one behind the structure.
  • Complete Verse 4 to acquire the fourth Card Pack in the arena.
  • Head out the door of the building where Verse 5 takes place. Climb up to the right to reveal the fifth pack.
  • Emerge from the tunnel to find the sixth pack hidden on the roof of the wooden walkway.

6) Chapter 6

  • The first pack can be found on the rooftop of the building facing the courtyard.
  • Pass through the doorway in the main courtyard and head toward the tower. On the left, you will find the second pack.
  • Complete Verse 7 and get the third Card Pack on the ledge near the lava.

7) Chapter 7

  • The first pack can be obtained on top of the tree beside the small building.
  • Hidden on the base floor between the two towers is where you can find the second item.
  • Head onward to find the third pack on a ledge to the left.

8) Chapter 8

  • The first card is located behind the waterfall in the opening area.
  • The second one can be found below the bridge, near the back of the towers.

9) Chapter 9

  • Grab the first pack right before heading to the temple, located on top of a high rock.
  • The second one can be found on the left, right before you enter the central temple.
  • The third Card Pack is hidden in the room of Verse 7 behind the broken door on the right.
  • The fourth one can be spotted during a chase sequence in the next room. The clouds of erasure will follow you; make sure to outrun them.
  • Cross the bridge to enter the next room and acquire the fifth Card Pack.
  • The sixth pack can be discovered on the left side of the altar. Be sure to grab it before the cutscene starts.

10) Chapter 10

This Bayonetta 3 Card Pack can be collected on top of a ledge after crossing onto the stone outcrop when you complete Verse 2.

11) Chapter 11

  • Destroy the bus on your left after Verse 2 to reveal the first Card Pack.
  • The second and final one can be acquired right behind the underground entrance.

One last thing to note is that Bayonetta 3's side missions have no Card Packs to offer.

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