Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.6.66 update: Release date, release time, patch notes, and more

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans are excited by rumors of a new hero (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans are excited by rumors of a new hero (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Moonton is always quick to drop fresh content to keep millions of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans engrossed in the game. The latest update brings with it a whole new hero along with several buffs and nerfs.

This article informs about the latest content drop from Moonton.


What to expect from the latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Update?

Several new features and content has been added with the latest update to Mobile Legends Bang Bang. While some of them are minor, a few of the major ones can change the game as we know it.

1) New Hero - Xavier


The third confirmed member of the Forsaken Light comes to players in the latest update, as Xavier, Defier of Light. A passive ability that allows him to boost the stats of his other skills and attacks, and the presence of both defensive and offensive damage dealing abilities, confirm rumors that have been hyping up the character for over a week now.

While it is too early to predict any shifts in the meta his release may cause, the character outskills reigning heavyweights in his class like Cecilion if one goes by sheer numbers.

2) Buffs and Nerfs


While the full list of buffs and nerfs is very extensive, the notable ones include the ones for Melissa, Hilda and Belerick.

Melissa's passive ability's damage has been reduced to enemies (125% down from 150%) other than creeps. She now deals increased damage to creeps. The Mana cost of her 2nd Skill has been increased (75 from 50) and the damage rating has increased as well (70% from 60%). The addition of a healing element (6-10 Physical and Magic Defense) to her ultimate is also to be noted. The cooldown on her ultimate has also been increased (50 seconds from 40).


Hilda has received a significant increase in her entire base damage rating with remarkable reductions to mana cost and cooldown. The long-standing request for a buff for Hilda post Melissa's release in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang seems to have been granted.

Belerick's ultimate has been buffed with a stun effect (1.5s) and a 2x increase in the speed of the Vines.

The update was scheduled for 22nd March 2022, 19:00 server time, but various technical delays mean that the update will reach users in different regions at different times.

The full patch notes are available here.

Fans can stay tuned to this space for details on the latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang releases and updates.

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