5 tips and tricks to get better at Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) 

Tips for Mobile Legends Bang Bang beginners (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tips for Mobile Legends Bang Bang beginners (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Mobile Legends Bang Bang, like most MOBAs, comes with a steep learning curve. While players are given a tutorial of the various aspects after installation, it barely covers several important aspects of the gameplay. For someone who wants to be an MLBB pro but is a MOBA novice, it would seem next to impossible.

The only way to work towards improving in Mobile Legends Bang Bang is to ensure a working knowledge of the basics and best strategies. This article will guide players on some of these to help them start their MLBB journey on the right path.

How can players improve in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?


Mobile Legends hosts a multitude of characters, game modes, and maps, which means it requires a certain amount of knowledge about all these elements and the insights one gains with experience. As providing all of that is not possible via a single post, the given list is aimed at helping players get on the right path to improving their performance in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

5) Use Emblem Talents effectively


Emblems can be assigned to heroes before battle. There are nine types of emblems such as Assassin, Magic, and Support, and all of these provide the relevant buffs to the hero they are applied to. These emblems can be customized to better fit the hero they are being used on.

Many players shy away from investing in Emblem upgrades and this can cost them matches, as even with an excellent hero and team they will be unable to get their full in-game value from them.

4) Understand your role


Every hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a different role. These refer to the role they will take up in battle, and understanding what each role translates to in-game will help players effectively communicate with their team and perform better as well.

Marksmen in the Middle Lane will not be able to add any significant utility, similarly a Mage in the EXP Lane is a less than ideal combo, so players should make these considerations as per the following chart:

  • Mages: Middle Lane
  • Assasins: In Jungle
  • Tanks/Supports: As per team need
  • Marksmen: Gold Lane
  • Fighters: EXP Lane.

3) Use equipment combos


While Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a smaller inventory of equipment than most MOBAs, effective combos of most items can provide massive in-game buffs. The Clock of Destiny (increases maximum Mana) and a Lightning Truncheon (increase DMG as per player's maximum Mana), for example, can be paired to increase player Mana and then get additional benefit by boosting damage rating by it as well.

A look at what every piece of equipment does can help players make their own combos as per their playstyle.

2) Understand the enemy's team and strategy


This is a habit players should preferably develop as they start playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Before the battle begins, there is a brief window where players can view the enemy's team while being able to add utility.

During this time period, if they see the enemy is focused on dealing, say Magic damage, they can counteract their strategy by adding the Magic Defense charm.

Conversely, if the enemy has Magic Damage enabled, giving your Mage a Magic PEN will allow them to dash through enemy lines.

1) Get to know the heroes


This tip will seem obvious to players but it must be noted that every hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang has a wide set of utilities. Full knowledge of all abilities will allow players to perform optimally. Players should take as many heroes as they can for a spin in the Training Ground and understand how to use their abilities against different kinds of enemies.

This will also help players get a better idea of how to play against those heroes on the enemy team.

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