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What would Fortnite look like with GTA 5 elements?

Image via Fortnite & Grand Theft Auto
Image via Fortnite & Grand Theft Auto
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Some bits of Fortnite gameplay was given a Rockstar homage, and the result is spectacular.

A Twitter user named Neeqs altered some Fortnite clips to look like the video game Grand Theft Auto. Adding little effects & graphics and combining it with clips from another user named Ethos, Neeqs gave Fortnite the UI that GTA is known for. It was a creative homage to Rockstar, and the outcome looked interesting.

The clip starts with a loading screen that is synonymous with Grand Theft Auto V. There is character art in front of a separate background, just like in GTA V. In the bottom right-hand corner, it says “ETHOS HIGHLIGHTS,” which identifies the user who recorded the gameplay.

The next few seconds are well-edited but have almost nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto. They look like regular Fortnite gameplay with good editing. Until the last clip, it’s just Fortnite footage with brief instances of GTA’s user interface.

You can see that the player is using a GTA wheel to switch characters, just like in GTA V. When the player switches characters, the camera moves up and over to where the other character is. This is exactly how GTA V switches characters. It is hilarious to see the very short transition to the next character.

This tweet appears to be a preview of a much longer video which has intrigued many. It will be interesting to see how much of Rockstar’s influence there is in the full video, and hopefully, there is more than what was shown.

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This Fortnite video is just one of many by Neeqs

Neeqs is a professional editor and has a lot more videos that can be found by combing through his Twitter. Neeqs must have been hired by Ethos because the video is directed towards Ethos himself.

Knowing that the video is the result of hours of professional editing makes sense. The video is too good to have been a coincidental hit, and the next one might go viral. We cannot yet tell how popular the real video will be, but Neeqs certainly benefitted from trending with the preview.

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Published 23 Feb 2021, 20:36 IST
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