What Is "Push To Talk" In PUBG Mobile And How To Use It In-Game

  • A brief explanation of another PUBG Mobile feature called Push To Talk and how you can use it for better gameplay.
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What Is Push To Talk In PUBG Mobile
What Is Push To Talk In PUBG Mobile

If you play PUBG mobile and use voice chat features of the game, then you might have seen an option of "Push To Talk." Many players still don't know what this option in PUBG Mobile is for and what it does. While some of them know but haven't used it till now. So in this article, I will explain the Push To Talk feature and how to use it.

What "Push To Talk" Means?

In simple terms, Push To Talk is a command in the game by which you can talk to your teammates by pressing and holding a specific key.

For Instance: In games like PUBG PC, Fortnite PC, etc. the voice chat features have 3 options, which are:

#1 Always

#2 Push To Talk

#3 Mute

So, when you enable the Push To Talk option, you can then talk to your teammates or squad by holding a designated key. In many games, this key is 'T'. It means that if you need to speak to them you have to keep holding 'T' and speak whatever message or command you want to give to your teammates.

How To Use Push To Talk In PUBG Mobile?

Now coming to how a player can use Push To Talk in Mobile version of the game. In PUBG Mobile you get the option of Push To Talk right while you are in the gaming zone. If you select Push To Talk and when you press and hold the icon, you can see waves coming out of the button. This means that you can talk with your teammates and convey your message.

The feature was added to help players when one of their members is in some noisy place and still has to use voice chat.


What Is Push To Talk In PUBG Mobile
What Is Push To Talk In PUBG Mobile

Advantages of Push To Talk:

Push To Talk comes very handily when you are in a noisy place and don't want to disturb other players. Whenever you want to talk to them, you can do it by pressing the button. As sometimes when one of your teammates is in a noisy place and if an enemy is near you, there are more chances of missing his sound and getting killed by him. 

Push To Talk option is also very useful when you have distortions in your headphones. Or if they are not working properly and your teammates are getting distorted sounds. So in that case, Push To Talk can also be used. As when you need to speak something you can speak by just pressing and holding the button.

Hence using Push To Talk features will greatly enhance your game while in a bad place. 

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Published 27 May 2019, 11:15 IST
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