What level does sailing unlock in Lost Ark?

Set sail sometime in your mid-30s (Image via YouTube/WoW Quests/Smilegate)
Set sail sometime in your mid-30s (Image via YouTube/WoW Quests/Smilegate)

The lands of Arkesia in Lost Ark are vast and far-reaching, with spatterings of islands and large continents to explore. These hide quests, collectibles, and all manner of monsters to encounter.

Lost Ark doesn’t lock you into a single continent or island. At one point, players are given their very own ship (for free) to sail around Arkesia and visit other landmasses.

Thankfully, this isn’t a feature in Lost Ark that’s tucked away in a secret area. Earning your first ship is actually part of the story, and you’ll set sail sometime in your 30s. However, it can happen sooner.

Lost Ark: Sailing unlocks around mid-30s, but sooner if you rush the main story


During the main quest, you will eventually visit Wavestrand Port in East Luteran. Since it is a mandatory part of Lost Ark, you can never miss the opportunity to unlock sailing. The start of your joining to unlock sailing starts with “The Wind Stays while Dreams Fade” and ends with “Set Sail!”.

The average player will unlock sailing sometime in their 30s, typically between levels 35 and 38. That is taking into consideration doing side quests and the main story.


However, you can potentially unlock sailing much sooner if you rush through the main story and completely ignore the side quests.

That's fine if you're on your second character, but it's recommended that players complete side quests on your first playthrough. Otherwise, the story context and fun content are missed.

Sailing is a great way to earn loot, find hidden quests and explore


Sailing isn’t just a mode of transportation between the continents of Arkesia, it can be a vessel for collecting rare loot, especially for endgame content. You can fish, go treasure hunting, explore sunken ships, and find lost cargo. Ships are also customizable and have classes of their own.

Aside from visiting continents, there are also islands. For example, there’s a place called Turtle Island located between Anikka and Pleccia. At level 50, you can embark on a quest to earn Jewel Coral, which is then traded for a neat turtle mount.

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