What is the Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile that has decreased the game’s size to 610 MB?

Image via PUBG Mobile / Twitter
Image via PUBG Mobile / Twitter
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PUBG Mobile has grown to become arguably the most popular battle royale title on the mobile platform. The developers regularly implement new features to enhance the overall experience for the users.

A few weeks back, the 1.1 update hit the servers of the game and brought in several new features, including the metro royale mode, restriction on changing servers, and more. The Lightweight Installation Function was also a highlight of the update, which is what this article discusses.

A recap of the Lightweight Installation Function in PUBG Mobile

Image via PUBG Mobile / YouTube
Image via PUBG Mobile / YouTube

As mentioned above, the Lightweight Installation Function was implemented alongside the 1.1 update. It has reduced the game’s download size to 610 MB on the Google Play Store.

Players now only have to download the necessary resource packs in the game. Initially, they will have only the Erangel map downloaded and have the option to download the others.

'Download' tab in PUBG Mobile
'Download' tab in PUBG Mobile

Players can download/delete resource packs from the ‘Download’ tab, which has been added to the settings section of PUBG Mobile. A smart delete feature has also been added by the developers, which will recommend users delete unused resources.

Gamers can click here to read more about how they can download the resource packs in PUBG Mobile.

To begin with, the developers have prepared two packs/patches, either of which the users would have to download when starting the game:

Low-spec resource pack (329.9 MB):

“Apply the low-spec version of all graphic resources. Resources are downloaded quickly, and the game runs more smoothly.”

HD Resource Pack (583.2MB):

“Apply the HD version of all graphic resources. Superior performance and effects, providing the best experience.”

Moreover, players will be rewarded for downloading specific packs. Storage space is one of the problems faced by many users worldwide, and this feature enables them to manage the size of the game.

Gamers can go through this video by PUBG Mobile to know more about this feature:


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