What is Limit Break and how to use it in Final Fantasy 16

Limit Break Ifrit FInal Fantasy 16
How to unlock Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16 (image via Square Enix)

The Limit Break is a staple when it comes to Final Fantasy games, and you will be able to make the most of the combat feature once again in the latest entry, Final Fantasy 16. There are a lot of fight mechanics that you wil need to master as you make your way through the narrative on higher difficulties, with the Limit Break being one of them.

While it may have been a part of the franchise ever since Final Fantasy 7, the way it was implemented in each of the games was different. This is why there has been a fair bit of curiosity among franchise fans as to how it will work this time around.

Hence, today’s Final Fantasy 16 guide will go over some of the things that you will be required to do in order to unlock as well as make the most of the Limit Break mechanic in the game.

How to unlock Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16


To be able to use Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16, you will first have to unlock the ability in the game. To gain access to it, you will need to:

  • Defeat Clive’s inner demon in a boss fight. It is called Shadow, and once you have taken him down, you will be able to use the Limit Break ability.
  • The first time you use it will be in the form of a scripted sequence. After the cinematic concludes, you will have full access to the ability.
  • Once it is unlocked, you can then semi-prime into Ifrit and have access to new abilities and combos.

How to easily use Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16

Once the Limit Break is unlocked in the game, you will then notice a bar that is under your health bar. This is the Limit Break bar and you will be able to use the ability when:

  • The bar fills its llue gauge as you continue with the game. The more you engage in combat, the faster it will fill.
  • You can accelerate the gauge or fill the bar instantly by consuming some items as well.
  • Once the Limit Break bar fills, you will be able to activate the ability and semi-prime with any one of your active Eikon summons.
  • To activate the ability when the bar fills, you will need to press L3 and R3 at the same time on your PlayStation 5 controller.

All Limit Break semi-prime bonuses in Final Fantasy 16

Here are all the Limit Break bonuses that you will be able to tap into once you semi-prime with one of your Eikon summons:

  • Changes Attack style
  • Doubles spell damage
  • Increases potency by 10%
  • Increases Eikonic Ability potency by 10%
  • Slowly restores HP
  • Increases Defense by 10%
  • Prevents stagger when taking damage
  • Prevents KO while semi-primed

As you progress further into the game, you will be able to upgrade Limit Break a certain amount of times before maxing it out. There will be a total of four bars you can avail, which will allow you to maintain your semi-prime mode longer when filled.