What is MrBeast Feastables? YouTube philanthropist drops line of gluten-free chocolate bars

MrBeast drops brand new chocolate bar line (Image via Twitter/Feastables)
MrBeast drops brand new chocolate bar line (Image via Twitter/Feastables)
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Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson has officially released and begun selling products from his latest brand, Feastables. The brand currently sells a line of chocolate bars entirely gluten-free and plant-based.

The snack brand was announced on Donaldson's Twitter page and a link to the site for purchasing the products. The bars are only available in the United States, with customers entering sweepstakes with every purchase.

I just launched a chocolate bar in three flavors (original, crunch, and almond) and 10 random bars contain a mystery ticket in them! The 10 receivers of the mystery tickets will be flown down to compete for a chocolate factory in a video GO TRY IT :))))

What are MrBeast's Feastables chocolate bars?

Announced on January 29, 2022, Feastables are a complete gluten-free line of chocolate bars made of plant-based ingredients, mainly sugar cane, cocoa bean, cocoa butter and sunflower lecithin. Additional ingredients like roasted almonds and crispy quinoa are added based on the bar's flavour.

There are currently three flavours of chocolate bars available, including Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate and Quinoa Crunch. However, customers can also avail themselves of a Variety Pack bundle, which for $49.99, gives them six bars of each flavour, a total of 18 chocolate bars.

no 🍫 = no winning 😭1 🍫 = 1 chance 🤞more 🍫 = more winning 💰🚘🥳

The products are available for purchase only in the United States through GoPuff, Walmart, or the official Feastables site. Each purchase allows customers to enter special sweepstakes to win prizes like a Tesla Model 3, cash, Turle Beats, a custom PC, and more.

The most-awaited grand prize is holding ownership of Donaldson's chocolate factory, which can be won through a Willy Wonka-style raffle. Ten lucky customers of the chocolate bars will receive a mystery ticket with their chocolate and will be flown to compete alongside other ticket holders.

Which btw if you win the chocolate factory and don’t want it (which I bet most people won’t haha) I’ll just buy it off you for like half a mil ❤️

MrBeast's Feastables is his latest food-related business venture

In a conversation with the publication Fast Company, Donaldson explained his thought process as to how he came upon the idea of giving away an entire chocolate factory as part of his plan for the snack line.

“What is something I think my audience will get most excited about, that they’ll like, what’s interesting, what’s the most spectacular thing we can do?”
“And it doesn’t get more of a spectacle than flying people in to compete for a chocolate factory.”

Before starting the chocolate brand, the YouTuber already had experience with the food industry, starting up a burger chain.

From starting in a few locations in the United States, the cloud kitchen service has expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom. It has over 1000 kitchens which customers can order at and often features limited menu items named after different internet stars.

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