What is the Reserved Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail?

Silver Wolf makes an entrance
What can players expect from the Reserved Trailblaze Power system in Honkai Star Rail? (Image via HoYoverse)

A host of exciting new updates are heading toward Honkai Star Rail, starting with version 1.3. As confirmed by a recent HoYolab blog post from developer HoYoverse, the game will soon receive a series of quality of life improvements. Perhaps the most notable change is to the Trailblaze Power system, which includes the addition of a Reserved Trailblaze Power mechanic.

The upcoming Reserved Trailblaze Power allows you to accumulate extra Trailblaze Power in the form of a reserve for later use. Curious readers can find more specific details below.

Note: This article contains parts that are speculative and represents the author’s opinions.

Reserved Trailblaze Power will make its debut in Honkai Star Rail 1.3

As detailed in the HoYolab post, the Reserved Trailblaze Power will be activated with the release of version 1.3 of Honkai Star Rail. This quality of life feature comes in addition to an increase in the Trailblaze Power cap to a maximum of 240.

In short, Reserved Trailblaze Power will kick in once you overflow the Trailblaze Power cap. Finer details have emerged via unverified leaks, and are listed below for reference:

  • Once the Trailblaze Power hits the cap of 240 points, Reserved Trailblaze Power begins to accumulate over time.
  • One reserve point is generated every 18 minutes.
  • The Reserve is capped at 2400 points.
  • The amount of Reserved Trailblaze Power redeemable depends on the amount of Trailblaze Power currently available.
  • Only a maximum of 240 Reserved Trailblaze Power can be exchanged in one go.

This is quite similar to the system that is already present within Honkai Impact 3rd, and is much appreciated. Honkai Star Rail players need not worry about min-maxing their Trailblaze Power in accordance with its regeneration rate.

Thus, you only lose out on 66% of their Trailblaze Power when you hit the cap and leave it unused.

It should be kept in mind that these finer details are part of a leak and not officially supplied by HoYoverse themselves. You can expect changes to the above information during the release of version 1.3 when more information is made available. Take this information with a grain of salt and keep an eye out for further updates.


Honkai Star Rail was released worldwide on April 26, 2023. This free-to-play, role-playing title is a major entry in the HoYoverse series of anime-styled gacha games. The entry borrows characters from the Honkai Impact series of video games, placing them in a unique setting with exciting turn-based combat mechanics.

The game is currently available for Android and iOS devices, with a PC port also being available. A PlayStation 5 version is scheduled for a Q4 2023 release, as per the announcement during the Summer Game Fest 2023.