What did SkyDoesMinecraft do? Exploring the allegations against the famous Minecraft YouTuber

SkyDoesMinecraft has had some serious allegations leveled against him this year (Image via Twitter/NetNobody)
SkyDoesMinecraft has had some serious allegations leveled against him this year (Image via Twitter/NetNobody)

Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft," also known as NetNobody, is a former Minecraft YouTuber and streamer who later branched out into a variety of gaming content and music. After breaking out to the tune of 11 million subscribers with his Minecraft content, his channel's growth took a hit when he switched his focus to music and other games.

In January of this year, SkyDoesMinecraft found himself facing serious accusations leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth. She posted an iCloud document detailing her experiences as well as encouraging others to speak out.

Since the allegations, SkyDoesMinecraft has disappeared from social media and has not uploaded on either of his channels. In April, it was discovered that he was attempting to sell his YouTube channels online. His main channel was listed at $900,000 USD and touted its 11 million subscriber count as a key selling point.

While selling his YouTube channels may prove difficult, especially because selling a channel with AdSense enabled is against YouTube's community guidelines, it does signal that NetNobody believes this is the end of his YouTube career.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately…

What was SkyDoesMinecraft accused of?

On January 23, 2022, the content creator's ex-girlfriend posted a lengthy iCloud document that described her time living with him. She detailed the gaslighting and emotional abuse she was subjected to, as well as accusing him of sexually harassing and abusing other women, using drugs, and stealing company money.

Elizabeth accused him of breaking things that belonged to her around the house, abusing her pet pig by leaving it out in the cold, depriving her of food, and even offering her $100,000 for her unborn child.

“You even tried convincing me to let you BUY MY UNBORN BABY. You said word for word, 'If you don’t want her, I’ll just give you like a hundred grand or something.' You act like your kids are just objects. You haven’t had that kind of money in years.”

SkyDoesMinecraft was also accused of both sexually harassing and assaulting other women, later paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet. He would also allegedly send explicit photos to women with no concern for whether they were of legal age. Elizabeth also accused him of stealing company money to feed his drug addiction in addition to hush money for the women he had assaulted.

Elizabeth's iCloud document inspired others who worked with Adam to come out and share their experiences with him. Many former employees and associates came forward, accusing him of intimidation, overworking them, and not following through on promises. Some also accused him of sexual assault.

I feel kind of relieved that this stuff is finally coming to light. I worked for Adam for almost half a decade from when I was just 15 years old. I gave up everything - my social life, my sleep, school - to work 20h/day for him - as a child 1/4…

Elizabeth stated that she had informed the police of SkyDoesMinecraft's actions. Since then, he has been completely silent on social media, and his YouTube channels have not received any new uploads.

While he has not given his side of the story or attempted to publicly refute the claims against him, he did post his YouTube channels for sale online. This news, if nothing else, seems like an admission of defeat from the former Minecraft YouTuber.

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