What time is the Sea of Thieves Season 3 update?

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Image via Rare
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Season 3 of Sea of Thieves was unveiled at E3 earlier this month, and the wait for the new update is almost over.

Players can begin sailing the sea with Captain Jack Sparrow, among plenty of other additions, starting on June 22nd. However, the update won't open directly at midnight or based on local times. Instead, players will have to wait until 5 am ET, 2 am PT, or 10 am BST.

When the clock reaches those times, the servers will go down for maintenance, which means an unspecified amount of time before players can jump in the new season. That could be 30 minutes or three hours, so patience will be needed.

Once the new update moves in, Season 2 of Sea of Thieves will officially be at an end. So, players still have some time to finish up any seasonal tasks they had on their list, but time is quickly running out. Before long, Disney will be integrated into Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Season 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean details


Including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in Sea of Thieves has always been something fans of the game thought about. It's impossible not to imagine the largest pirate franchise ever in a sandbox game about being a legendary pirate. Finally, the crossover is happening, and players can experience it soon.

There are many plans for the hyped crossover, and there will be two separate parts for Pirates of the Caribbean in Sea of Thieves. The first part is what players will experience in the brand new Season 3 update that comes out on June 22nd. Part 1 of the crossover event is called Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life.

The main attraction of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Sea of Thieves crossover is a brand new story arc. Players will follow Captain Jack Sparrow along with a campaign that spans five tales in total. Players can expect to run into plenty of danger along the way with Jack Sparrow. That could include Sirens and eventually Davy Jones himself.

Considering the announcement was just made this month, players haven't had much time to process or search through everything the update might have. Instead, it seems like a great surprise that all Sea of Thieves fans can indulge in once Season 3 officially drops and the servers are back up from maintenance.

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