When do Korean League of Legends stars Khan, Faker, and Doinb leave for military service? 

Military service is mandatory in Korea, even for the biggest League of Legends stars (Image via League of Legends)
Military service is mandatory in Korea, even for the biggest League of Legends stars (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Military service is a mandatory aspect for Korean citizens, and even League of Legends professional players are bound by the same.

Several world-famous League of Legends players are going to be forced into military service very soon. While some players like Faker and Doinb have their services delayed, others like Khan will be on their way from next year onwards.

DK Khan in a recent stream:"The reason I talked about retiring after this season with certainty is that if I receive the enlistment notice after the start of June of next year, I won't be able to avoid it. It will be a 'direct hit' as I used up all of my chances [to delay it]."

This is a social norm, and everyone has to follow it regardless of their social status. There are only very few cases where people can be exempted and even that includes a variety of rules and regulations.

LoL Korea: Everything League of Legends fans need to know regarding the players' military service status

Korea is by far one of the most dominant regions in the world in the League. The League of Legends Worlds 2021 has three Korean teams in the semi-finals, showing the massive skill gap with other regions.

However, since players from the LCK are forced to go for military service, their careers are quite short-lived. It also means that their careers are put on a timer, and they need to perform before leaving on duty for the country.

There was, however, a rule that people who drop out from schools do not have to be part of the service. It seems that the rule has been changed recently, and everyone needs to do this irrespective of their schooling or current status.

@FionnOnFire Is Faker still playing next year?I think he is old enough to join the military service right?

Therefore, with the new rules established, here is the current military status of some of the famous Korean League of Legends players.


Khan will be on his way to military service in June 2022. He has already delayed it before, and therefore, there is no escaping this time.

Faker (T1)

Faker dropped out of school, and therefore, he is exempted from military service. But he still needs to undertake some other form of public service later on. It is still unclear if Faker has a chance for exemption considering his public status, and only the future will tell what he has in store.

Deft (HLE)

Deft is also a school dropout. However, Deft passed an examination for which he received a diploma certificate, making him eligible for military service, even though for now he is exempt as he has a back injury.

CoreJJ (Team Liquid)

CoreJJ is currently residing in the United States of America. However, he cannot leave the LCS right now, and therefore, his military service will be delayed.

DoinB (former FPX player) and every other Korean League of Legends player living outside the country

They are all exempt from the service as long as they are outside Korea. As soon as they stay in Korea for 6 months or work within the country for 2 months, they will have to take the mandatory service.

Thus, as it stands, most of the top Korean League of Legends players who are in Korea will have to do the military service. This is something that lasts for approximately 2 years, and only those who have done some sort of service for the country will be exempted or if the person has health issues.

@Bornoklol @cutebchu I'm guessing if he wins Worlds he won't need to go to military, isn't it? I remember that when winning important tournaments allows them to skip it or postpone itas for example Faker hasn't had to do military service and he must be past that age already.

For instance, Son Hueng-min, a South Korean footballer who won a gold medal at the Asian Games 2018 and plays for Tottenham Hotspur in England, was exempted. This was because winning the medal was considered as a service for the country on the international stage.

While it might disappoint fans of players like Faker to see them leave the League of Legends scene, this is something that is very important. It is a service for the country and thus should be taken very seriously regardless of the person.

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