When does League of Legends' novel, titled "Ruination" release?

An untold story of Kalista and Viego will be revealed in Riot Games' brand new novel Ruination (Image via Orbit Books/League of Legends)
An untold story of Kalista and Viego will be revealed in Riot Games' brand new novel Ruination (Image via Orbit Books/League of Legends)

After exploring the world of animation with Arcane, League of Legends is now set to enter the world of books very soon.

Along with publishers "Orbit Books", Riot Games is set to release their first-ever novel, called "Ruination". The book will primarily be based on Viego, the Ruined King his general Kalista.

“Her family. Her fate.” @Leagueoflegends is coming to bookstores everywhere this September with Ruination!

This is massive as releasing a book will mean that the universe of League of Legends will spread across even more people than just gamers and enthusiasts. The lore surrounding Viego is one of the best in the game, and a lot more people must get to know about it.

Ruination, the first-ever novel based on League of Legends, is set to release in September 2022

As of now, publishers Orbit Books have announced that the novel, Ruination, will be available on September 6, 2022 (a specific date mentioned on Amazon). The publishers have also provided links for pre-ordering the book in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Hopefully, the book will be available for purchase in other countries once the release date approaches. However, if people are curious, it seems the book can be shipped to other countries right now if people buy it through Amazon (UK or US).

The blurb of the Ruination novel:"Camavor is a brutal land with a bloody legacy. Where the empire’s knights go, slaughter follows.Kalista seeks to change that. When her young and narcissistic uncle,…

This is a fascinating time for Riot Games, as the story of Viego will be spread far and wide amongst people who might have never played League of Legends in their life.

Since 2021, Riot Games has promoted Viego's lore quite a lot. The entirety of the 2021 season revolved around his story with a massive event within League of Legends called "Sentinels of Light", putting a conclusive end to the same.

Ruination is the never-before-told story of King Viego and his general Kalista. It’s an epic tale of magic, war, revenge, and the lengths we’ll go to for those we love. #RuinationPre-order (US) (UK)

Apart from that, Riot Games released skins for guns in Valorant and even developed the turn-based RPG game Ruined King to give gamers a deeper look into Viego's way of doing things.

However, all of this was primarily focused on events and incidents after the Ruined King was born. So far, Viego's story has never really dwelled into the depths of what happened before he took demonic form.

According to the lore, as Riot Games wrote, Viego was deeply in love with his beautiful wife, Isolde. However, after her death, he became mad and started to torment everyone to find a way to bring her back to life, including his general Kalista.

Read the press release here:

However, his voyage did not go according to plan. This led to the birth of a monster that started oppressing innocent people for eons in the name of love. It seems, though, that the novel, Ruination, will provide further depth into the life of Viego before he takes that monstrous form and provides insight into his life as a normal king.

This will help people understand more about not just Viego, Isolde and Kalista, but the universe that Riot Games has developed in much more detail.

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