OTK League tournament results, winning team, streamers and more

The results of the recently held League of Legends tournament (Image via Twitter OTKnetwork)
The results of the recently held League of Legends tournament (Image via Twitter OTKnetwork)

OTK's League of Legends tournament took place yesterday, with a total of 40 streamers playing on eight teams. This article will go over the teams, their players, and the matches that took place over the length of the tournament.

The tournament was graced by some of the most renowned streamers on Twitch. Fans were ecstatic at the prospect of watching their favorites come out on top.

OTK's LoL tournament: Players, matches, and winners

Players and Teams

To start this off, let's briefly go over the teams that competed and their players, and then move into each match and who won the OTK League tournament with a $10,000 prize pool.

Team Mizkif


  • Mizkif (Captain)
  • Simply
  • Russel
  • Snuffy
  • Nmplol

Team QTCinderella


  • QTCinderella (Captain)
  • Stanz
  • Will Neff
  • xChocoBars
  • Myth

Team Buddha


  • Buddha (Captain)
  • xQc
  • Sykkuno
  • Harry
  • Blaustoise

Team Erobb


  • Erobb (Captain)
  • Slick
  • Dareon
  • Gigi
  • Pokelawls

Team Soda


  • Sodapoppin (Captain)
  • Roflgator
  • Surefour
  • Filian
  • Lacari

Team Tectone


  • Teconte (Captain)
  • Sakiomi
  • Syanne
  • Girl_DM_
  • Nemu

Team Critikal


  • Critikal (Captain)
  • Sliker
  • Kristofer Yee
  • Wantep
  • Jay the Bard

Team Esfand


  • Esfand (Captain)
  • LunaOni
  • Jaycgee
  • Ramee
  • Sonii

The eight teams were divided into two groups. Each would face another outfit in their group in a best-of-one format, with everyone playing three matches respectively.

Once these preliminary matches took place, Teams Buddha, Erobb, Soda, and QTCinderella moved on to the semifinals. Notably, teams Buddha and Erobb didn't lose a single match.

The next few matches would again be a best-of-one game, where the winners would move on to the finals. Meanwhile, the two losing ones would have to fight for third place, if their win/loss ratio is the same.

After the matches concluded, Teams Soda and Buddha emerged victorious and moved on to the finals, while Teams QTCinderella and Erobb would have to face each other for third place.

The first match was taken by Team Buddha, but Team Soda recovered to clinch the second bout. This culminated in the third match becoming a winner-take-all situation. With tensions high between the teams, especially since the game was being fought tooth-and-nail, the final match was truly a nail-biter.

At the end of the game, Team Buddha successfully achieved victory over Team Soda, making them the winners of the OTK League tournament with a $10,000 prize pool split between the team members.

Tthird place was given to Team Erobb after they defeated Team QTCinderella, making the results as follows:

Overall tournament placements:

  1. Team Buddha - 5/1 (Wins/Losses)
  2. Team Soda - 4/3
  3. Team Erobb - 4/1
  4. Team QTCinderella - 2/3
  5. Teams Esfand & Mizkif - 1/2
  6. Teams Tectone & Critikal - 0/3

With so many great moments to come out of this massive tournament, it's likely that fans will want to see more events like this.

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