When does Pokimane’s Twitch ban end?

Pokimane banned from Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokimane banned from Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

Streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys was Twitch's latest DMCA-related ban victim after she was given a suspension for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.

During a recent livestream, Pokimane streamed episodes of the popular animated TV show live on Twitch. She was watching the show and reacting to it while interacting with her viewers in the chat. However, this resulted in Twitch banning her account and channel for watching copyrighted content on a livestream.

Pokimane will return to streaming on Twitch after a 48 hour suspension

confirmed 48 hour suspension!see you guys monday morning for a 12 hour comeback stream 😎

Pokimane has been handed a 48 hour suspension for streaming copyrighted content on Twitch. She confirmed the same via a tweet she posted in reply to her initial announcement letting her fans know about the ban. With this ban, she became one of the first high profile streamers that Twitch has cracked down on for DMCA violations.

Pokimane also let her fans on Twitter know the details pertaining to the ban. She reported in a tweet that it was a two-day ban. In the same tweet, she also let her fans know that she will be back streaming on the purple platform this upcoming Monday, i.e. 10 January 2022. She added that she will be back with a 12-hour stream upon returning from her suspension.

Pokimane has not been the only streamer watching copyrighted media on a livestream. Matthew "Mizkif" has been streaming the same show. Another popular streamer whose name has been popping up in conversations about copyrighted media is Felix "xQc" Lengyel, who has watched multiple episodes of MasterChef on stream.

Pokimane's fellow OfflineTV member, Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang had previously watched multiple anime shows on livestream. Upon hearing the news about her Twitch ban, DisguisedToast has since deleted all clips and VODs from his channel in order to avoid the same fate.

Twitch enacting a ban on Pokimane's account has sparked debate among fans. There have been multiple discussions around the question of whether watching licensed content on stream should be allowed or not. The Twitter-verse seems to be divided on the matter. Some even called her out for blatantly "stealing" content.

@volinra @_Grid21 @pokimanelol She’s been doing this for years. This isn’t a one show type situation. She steals content.
@pokimanelol Are you not gonna apologize for breaking the rules? Have you no shame for ignoring copyright rules?
@pokimanelol imagine actually breaking laws, and twitch giving you a two-day weekend for it.good shit.
@pokimanelol This is why I dont like watching twitch streamers any more, all that money they make turn them into spoil people, she broke the rules and doesn't apologize or anything, she just laughs and goes " haha twitch will never ban me permanently oh well see ya on Monday "

A few defended the streamer by saying that she wasn't the only one watching copyrighted content on a livestream.

@Crazy_Gamer_0 @lendahcarry @pokimanelol She forgot, or she didn't care. Either way, these actions from Poki and the other streamers are crossing a very thin line that can cascade into something horrible for Twitch and even other sites in the long run.
@_Grid21 @pokimanelol Please tweet at Mizkif that same tweet, he streamed the exact same show! Also Toast streamed anime, I'll wait
@Sasklifee @volinra @_Grid21 @pokimanelol everyone has been doing this for years, have you ever watched streams on Twitch? lol
@pokimanelol Feels so empty already... I still remember the clear laughter that would lighten up my day... see you in 48 hours Poki...
@pokimanelol My queen no what ever will I do now !!!!

Others just want one of their favorite streamers to finish her suspension and return to streaming on Twitch as quickly as possible.

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