"He has a girlfriend anyways": Fans confused on whether Erobb221 regretfully leaked news about Mizkif or Russel

Fans confused about Erobb's leaked news on Mizkif and Russell (Image via Twitch/erobb221, Mizkif and Reddit)
Fans confused about Erobb's leaked news on Mizkif and Russell (Image via Twitch/erobb221, Mizkif and Reddit)

Eric "Erobb" Robbins Jr might have just let a big secret slip out of his mouth, but fans are confused if he was talking about Matthew "Mizkif" or streamer Russell.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Erobb played Counter Strike: Global Offensive and was talking to his friend at the same time. This was when he inquired if his friend knew of either Mizkif or Russell. While having a conversation about them he accidentally told her something which might not have been his secret to reveal. He said:

"He has a girlfriend anyways, it's okay."

Erobb reveals during stream that either Mizkif or Russell has a girlfriend, but doesn't specify

Erobb let a few things slip while talking to his friend on a livestream recently. He was talking to her about popular streamers and inquired about which ones she had heard of. His friend said that she only knew of the popular ones and not many more.

Erobb first asked his friend if she knew of either Mizkif or Russell. She claimed she wasn't well-acquainted with either of them. However, she did admit to having heard of Mizkif's name. She said:

"Mizkif? He sounds familiar. Why?"

Erobb then asked his friend if she had heard of the popular online streaming group One True King (OTK), to which she again replied that she hadn't:

"I don't watch streamers that often. I only know the popular ones and that's it."

This was when Erobb accidentally let out a few details he might not have intended to. He casually let it slip that one of them had a girlfriend. However, it didn't take long for him to figure out what he had done. He quickly held his head in his hands when the realization hit. Fans, however, were not sure who Erobb was referring to when he said that. He had mentioned both Mizkif and Russell just a few seconds ago and did not clarify who he meant had a girlfriend, which left fans really confused.

Mizkif responds in the chat (Image via Twitch)
Mizkif responds in the chat (Image via Twitch)

Mizkif announced his split from girlfriend of two years, Maya Higa, in September 2021. The announcement had taken fans by surprise. At the same time, not much is known publicly about Russell's relationship status. During a recent stream, Mizkif shared the story of an awkward date he had recently. He clarified that Erobb was probably talking about Russell and not him when he made the revelation.

When the clip hit the LivestreamFails subreddit, comments were filled with redditors talking about Mizkif when Erobb could've well been referring to Russell's dating life.

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