Mizkif labelled 'insufferable" after video of him trolling fast-food employee goes viral

Mizkif has come under criticism for a recent "IRL" stream. (Image via Mizkif)
Mizkif has come under criticism for a recent "IRL" stream. (Image via Mizkif)

Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo has come under the internet's scrutiny after a recent IRL stream alongside Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon and HAchubby.

Alinity, in recent weeks, has hosted a number of streams alongside Mizkif, with the two involved in a range of hilarious antics. However, a recent stream featuring South-Korean streamer HAchubby went a bit awry as the latter does not know English properly.

While ordering a hamburger/cheeseburger at a restaurant, HAchubby struggled to find the words to convey the message. Alinity recorded the discussion, while Mizkif could be seen laughing and “trolling,” and did not help the streamer or the restaurant employee.

HAchubby has since delivered an apology, stating that she was “nervous and tired,” and could not find the words to express herself correctly. Mizkif, on the other hand, has been criticized for trolling the employee in question and not helping HAchubby despite knowing her struggles with the English language.


Mizkif gets criticized after trolling restaurant employee during live stream

In the video below, Mizkif can be seen smiling, while HAchubby tried to order a burger and a soda from the restaurant. The employee struggled to understand what HAchubby was saying, as Alinity also started laughing and explained that she wanted “4 slices of cheese” with no vegetables. Regardless, instead of helping the two, Mizkif could be seen standing and smiling throughout the ordeal.


HAchubby later used a translation app to record an apology in English. The streamer claimed that she was “tired and nervous,” and became even more nervous when the employee seemed to not understand what she was saying. Her apology has led to a plethora of people criticizing Mizkif, as the streamer could have helped the two out but was instead seen laughing about the situation.

During a live stream, Steven “Destiny” Kenneth Bonnell II criticized Mizkif and even claimed that he was acting in a “racist manner.” Dimitri “Greekgodx” Raymondo Antonatos also appeared to be mocking Mizkif on Twitter and claimed that such antics can be difficult for people who have real “jobs.”

Both Mizkif and Alinity were criticized by a part of the community, with people claiming that they should have helped the employee and HAchubby sort out the situation. Regardless, Mizkif himself refused to apologize for the situation and said that he had nothing to be sorry about.

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