Ludwig, Mizkif, and HasanAbi call Adin Ross and FaZe Banks on live stream: Here is what happened next

Ludwig and Adin Ross engaged in a pleasant conversation recently.
Ludwig and Adin Ross engaged in a pleasant conversation recently.

During a recent live stream, Ludwig Ahgren talked to fellow streamer Adin Ross about the recent “altercation” that they got into.

Ludwig recently hosted a Twitch-couples version of the “Newlyweds” game show and invited multiple content creators, including Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris, Nick "Nmplol" Polom, and Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker. The three ended up making multiple comments about Adin Ross and suggested “kissing Corinna Kopf” was a huge reason for his recent spike in popularity.

When Ross saw the clip, he went on a lengthy rant against Ludwig, Nmplol, and HasanAbi, and accused them of “disrespecting his viewers.” During the recent stream, the content creators made up and did not seem to be angry with one another.


Ludwig, Mizkif, and HasanAbi call Adin Ross and FaZe Banks, make up after recent altercation

During the initial stream, featuring Ludwig and Sodapoppin, the latter wanted to know the reason behind Adin Ross’ recent spike in popularity.

Ludwig had a simple response:

"Cause he kissed Corinna Kopf. He had a bunch of connections in the LA scene and he hits a viewer base that you and me will never hit. Our viewer bases are very different but they're still closer than like Adin Ross' viewers. He's bringing in rappers and famous women all to play Roblox.”


Nmplol seemed to agree and claimed that most of Adin Ross’ fans are high-school kids. Apart from Ross himself, multiple other creators and viewers spoke out against Ludwig’s comments.

This includes Daniel “Keemstar” Keem and streamer Ricegum. Ross himself said the following about Ludwig, Sodapoppin, and Nmplol:

'Don't disrespect my viewers like that . You guys literally have hall of fame nerds in your chat that spam "Poggers", "Omegalaul" the entire stream bro. You guys are unfunny streamers. You guys are not funny at all. Fat pimple-faced four-eyed people with social problems watch you guys bro "

For more information about the incident, the following article can be read. Regardless, Richard "FaZe Banks" Bengston encouraged Ludwig to talk to Adin Ross, who claimed the following:

“I just wanted to say you know, I respect everything you guys got going on man, you and your community got it, you guys are devious. I got emotional last night, but it’s all good, I have no bad blood.”

As it turned out, Ludwig also appeared intent on moving on from the controversy. He talked about how Ross might have used the word “devious” incorrectly and pointed out its negative connotations. The two content creators appeared to have no bad blood between them and had a pleasant conversation.

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