When will Hardcore mode be added to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer?

Exploring the Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)
Exploring the Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2 (image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally underway with several new game modes and gameplay improvements. As fans were exploring everything about the title's offerings, they were quick to realize that the iconic 'Hardcore' mode was missing from the game.

Modern Warfare 2 brings game modes such as Prisoner Rescue, Knockout, and Invasion (Ground War) to the available playlist of modes. These, coupled with graphical upgrades, new audio technology, advanced movement mechanics, and more, make the latest release the "most advanced" Call of Duty game to date.

Despite all these additions, the Hardcore mode was missed by veteran fans of the series.

Hardcore mode in Modern Warfare 2 has been renamed as Tier 1

The Hardcore mode gets renamed in Modern Warfare 2. Moving forward, it will be called 'Tier 1.' While the mode was expected to be available on the day of launch, it wasn't present in the title. However, Infinity Ward was quick to address this and responded to fans questioning its absence.

For everyone wondering, Tier 1 is not in the game at launch, but will be available soon. Stay frosty 🫡

While there is no clear release date or time window suggested by Infinity Ward at the moment, fans are speculating for it to arrive on November 16, when season 1 of the game along with Warzone 2.0 goes live.

Previously, Infinity Ward claimed that Tier 1 will be available on the launch day through their blog. There was supposed to be an entire playlist of games played out in the Hardcore or 'Tier 1' mode upon release.

@InfinityWard Seems like you lied here no?

What is Hardcore mode in Call of Duty games?


The Hardcore mode is not a part of the typical playlist of game modes in Call of Duty games. As the name suggests, this mode is realistic and players' skills are put to the test.

The series initially introduced it with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare back in 2007 and it became an instant hit among fans. Since then, it has featured in all the titles in the franchise.

In this mode, each user has a limited health of only around 30 HP. Meaning, any player can be taken down with just one bullet from most of the weapons present in the title. This reduces the time it takes to kill tremendously.

Focusing on the realism theme, this mode also has friendly fire enabled. Meaning, if gamers shoot at their allies, they will die. So, players have to be extremely cautious while eliminating targets.


Moreover, the HUD elements are reduced. Gamers will only have limited information such as the location of an objective marked. Maps will be disabled unless the UAV (or other similar streaks) is on. Ammo and equipment counters are also disabled in this mode.

All this combined provides fans with an immersive and realistic experience. However, the mode isn't everyone's cup of tea as it isn't created with casual players in mind. It is deemed to be a playground for veteran players who like to challenge themselves.

This is all there is to know about Modern Warfare 2's Hardcore mode at the moment.

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Modern Warfare 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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