Where to find Gun Powder in Far Cry 6

Gun Powder is a rare resource in Far Cry 6 (Image via Ubisoft)
Gun Powder is a rare resource in Far Cry 6 (Image via Ubisoft)

Gun Powder is an essential upgrade resource in Far Cry 6, and that may come as no surprise given how much firepower typically appears in any Far Cry installment.

There are plenty of resources needed to upgrade weapons and the mods that go with them. Some upgrades require fishing or hunting, and others are far more dangerous to grab, like the Gun Powder.

There are plenty of locations where Gun Powder exists across the map of Yara, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get. Rather, the resource is one of the rarest on the islands.

One of the biggest reasons for how rare Gun Powder is in Far Cry 6 is the difficulty of obtaining it. For the most part, it's only found within dangerous enemy compounds and bases.

Players won't find Gun Powder just sitting in the open wherever they go. That means more effort is needed to collect it, but plenty of weapon mod opportunities open once obtained.

While it may be more challenging to obtain Gun Powder due to the danger involved, the good news is finding it shouldn't be too difficult. As long as users have a vision of their map or areas scouted, the correct icons will be a dead giveaway for Gun Powder.

The resources are found in FND caches that belong to the enemies on Yara. There are two types of FND caches: Gun Powder or weapons. In-game, the two containers look identical, but their icons on the map will differentiate the two.

Spotting and finding FND Gun Powder Cache in Far Cry 6

When players open up their map and look around for enemy bases, they may stumble upon a white box symbol. Typically, it resembles an ammo crate or a military container with a lid.

The difference, though, is in the logo found within the center of the white box. If the FND cache contains Gun Powder, then a symbol with explosive powder can be seen.

On the other hand, an FND cache with weapons will have a gun logo in the center. Looking at the symbols will keep gamers from having to guess which enemy bases have Gun Powder.

Once enough of the resource is collected, they can head back to their base with the rare powder. Weapon mods can then be made far more potent for the character in Far Cry 6.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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