Where to find Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6

Industrial Circuits are hard to come by in Yara. (Image via Ubisoft)
Industrial Circuits are hard to come by in Yara. (Image via Ubisoft)
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Industrial Circuits are a rare resource in Far Cry 6; way beyond Gunpowder in terms of rarity. Players will need Industrial Circuits for some of the later upgrades in the game, and they aren't found scattered about.

If players wish to get better rank 4 attachments like certain suppressors, then Industrial Circuits will be required to make the upgrades. In general, players will need to find vendors that specialize in components like the Industrial Circuits or complete missions that reward circuits in the end.

Regardless of the route, the methods for getting Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6 are fairly limited.

Methods for obtaining Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6


The most prominent method of obtaining Industrial Circuits in Far Cry 6 is by using in-game currency. However, this resource can only be purchased from specific vendors, with unique currency meant for those transactions alone.

One vendor, and perhaps the most reliable way to get Industrial Circuits, is Lola. This vendor has the desired resources and is available at all three main Guerilla Camps. Lola is also the character that players need to find for co-op matchmaking; but the character also doubles as a vendor.

Lola takes a special currency called Moneda which can only be acquired directly through her, and she is also the only person who will accept it. To earn any Moneda, players will need to complete missions that Lola gives out; either in solo or co-op. Upon completion, players will get Moneda to spend on items like Industrial Circuits.

Another method of earning circuits through vendors is by selling rather than buying. In this case, any vendor will do the trick, but Alpha Meat is required to get the desired circuits. Players will first need to find Alpha Animals that usually need a Hunter's Lodge to spawn, and take their meat. Selling the meat to vendors will net circuit parts.

Finally, players can take on some Bandidos Operations as a third method of garnering Industrial Circuits. Any time a Bandidos Operation is completed, players are rewarded with random items. Industrial Circuits can be included in that pool, but they are not always guaranteed in such Far Cry 6 missions.

With all of those streams of Industrial Circuits, players will have the parts they need to make rank 4 upgrades whenever they need them in Far Cry 6.

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