Where to find Pufferfish in Genshin Impact? Fishing locations and respawn time details

Pufferfish can be found in the waters of Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
Pufferfish can be found in the waters of Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact's Pufferfish can be a tricky fish to find, as they appear in several locations around the world of Teyvat. They aren't a guaranteed spawn however, and fans will need to travel the world to hunt down these portly fish.

Pufferfish are among the harder fish to catch in the game, but they are worth tracking down. The fish are an essential ingredient in refining the powerful 4-star weapon The Catch, one of the best polearms in the game. Players can learn where to find these fish, and how to catch them here.

Genshin Impact: Where to find Pufferfish

These locations are some of the best spots in Genshin Impact to find Pufferfish, as they spawn in the waters nearby and can be found swimming around. It's easy to see Pufferfish in the water as they are some of the largest fish in the game, though they come in two variants.

Pufferfish are large brown fish, while their bitter counterparts are green in color. Both of these fish are needed to refine The Catch, so players will want to check all of these spots:

  1. Near the port on Ritou Island
  2. Far along the coast of Liyue Harbor
  3. The waters near Springvale
  4. The water near the teleport point on Seirai Island
  5. Off the shore of a small island near Dawn Winery

Pufferfish respawn rates

Wherever Pufferfish appear, fans also have the chance to have Bitter Pufferfish spawn, so it's likely that a mix of the two will inhabit the world on any given day. The respawn rate of fish seems to be around three days in real time, so once the world has run out of fish, fans may need to head to fellow players' worlds in Co-Op mode to gather more.

How to catch Pufferfish

Catching Pufferfish in Genshin Impact is similar to other methods of catching fish, though they do put up a significant fight when they are being reeled in. It can be tough to keep the tension zone in the right place, but after some practice fans will be sure to nail it every time.

Pufferfish demand the Fake Fly bait, which can be crafted with a Horsetail and a Sakura Bloom, so players will need to begin crafting it to reel in their desired catch.

Genshin Impact fishing can provide some great rewards, and fans should definitely try to take part in the minigame when they get the opportunity.

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