Where to find Týr in God of War Ragnarök

Týr is finally revealed (Image via Sony)
Týr is finally revealed (Image via Sony)

One of the most critical characters in God of War: Ragnarök, Týr, is finally revealed after much speculation and hints were provided in the previous game. The character is central to the plot of Ragnarök and can be found in Svartalfheim of the Nine Realms during the primary campaign.

Finding Týr in God of War: Ragnarök

Týr can be reached near the end of the chapter titled 'The Quest for Týr' and is a part of the main story progression. Players won't miss his appearance.

  • From Svartalfheim, progress forward and enter the mines.
  • Near the many locked-down doors, instruct Atreus to fire his Sonic Arrows at the clasps to break the seals.
  • Pull down the door with the button prompts to trigger a cutscene revealing Tyr.
  • Týr will escape in confusion, and players must give chase.
  • Defeat the enemies in your path to catch up to Týr and Atreus and use the lift to exit the mines.

Caution: Massive spoilers for God of War: Ragnarök will follow. Reader discretion is advised.

Finding the real Týr

Near the end of the game's campaign, it was revealed that the Týr traveling with Kratos and Atreus was Odin in disguise. After Odin's escape, the group scrambles to find answers before reaching the climactic end of the story.


Furthermore, it has been revealed that Odin can only take the form of another being as long as they're alive, heavily implying that Týr is lost somewhere.

As shown in the post-campaign missions, Týr is indeed alive and can be found in Niflheim:

  • Gain access to the fast travel gate from Sindri's house or any suitable place from the Nine Realms.
  • Choose and enter Niflheim.
  • The game should prompt you to play the 'The Eyes of Odin' favor.
  • Choose 'The Raven Tree' as the destination and reach there.
  • Take the second left that will lead you to a previously undiscovered location to trigger the 'The Broken Prison' quest.
  • The real Týr is seen imprisoned here and will meet Kratos for the first time.
  • After a bit of dialogue, Týr will take his leave, wishing to travel across the Nine Realms.

Týr can be spotted in other realms, such as Freyr's outpost in Alfheim and Vanaheim, after the quest concludes.

Who is Týr in God of War: Ragnarök?

Týr and Kratos meet (Image via Sony)
Týr and Kratos meet (Image via Sony)

The Norse God of War, Týr is Odin's son - Thor and Baldur's half-brother. Týr was betrayed by Odin and imprisoned before the events of Ragnarok. Despite being a God of War, Týr has always fought for peace and frequently traveled to other worlds to learn about their cultures. He also tried to broker peace between the Giants and Aesir before being betrayed by Odin.

A bloody war followed, and Týr was imprisoned before the events of 2018's title. Subsequently, rumors spread of his death so others would stop speculating.


God of War: Ragnarök was released on November 9, 2022, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5.