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Where to get Iron in Valheim

Image Via Valheim Game
Image Via Valheim Game
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Valheim has different resources found worldwide, but iron stands out as one of the strongest as players progress and upgrade equipment. That means players need to find iron to take on some of the later bosses.

Unlike other resources that can be found by exploring and looting, iron is harder to find and requires some prior upgrades to get. First, one needs an Antler Pickaxe or a Bronze Pickaxe. One of the two is necessary. Otherwise, the player won't be able to get the iron.

Before it's smelted, it is called Scrap Iron and found in the Swamp Biome. Because Valheim is a procedurally generated game, everyone's map is different to some degree. But finding the swamp shouldn't take too long. Having the materials and making the walk there to get the Scrap Iron is a different story.

Once in the Swamp biome, look around Sunken Crypts. The chests inside the crypts may contain some scrap, so searching there is a good idea. But there won't be a majority of Scrap Iron. Most of it is within Muddy Scrap Piles, found in the Sunken Crypts doorways or the ground of the Swamps.

Getting The Wishbone, an item from the boss called Bonemass, can offer up help with the Muddy Scrap piles. Otherwise, the ones underground may be off-limits.

Smelting Scrap Iron in Valheim

After getting a stack of Scrap Iron from the Swamps, players need to lug it back to camp, as metal ore can't be teleported. Keep good weapons and not just a good pickaxe for the journey there and the trip back.


With the acquisition of Scrap Iron, the hard part is over. Players can begin reaping the rewards. By itself, Scrap Iron isn't really worth all the effort, so everything collected should be taken to the smelter.

Each piece of Valheim Scrap Iron will equate to a part of Iron, which is great. But keep in mind that each piece requires two pieces of coal for fuel in the smelter.

With enough iron smelted in Valheim, players can make a new tier of weapons or armor.

Published 14 Feb 2021, 08:56 IST
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