Which banner is coming to Genshin Impact after Kokomi? Leaks and rumors explained

Childe, Ganyu, and Hu Tao are all speculated for Genshin Impact 2.2 (Image via miHoYo)
Childe, Ganyu, and Hu Tao are all speculated for Genshin Impact 2.2 (Image via miHoYo)
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When it comes to the next Genshin Impact character banner, leaks and rumors point in a few different directions.

Genshin Impact recently released Kokomi on the second and final character banner in version 2.1. Players often decide which characters to summon in context with the character banners that are coming soon. Unfortunately, things are a little unclear right now.

There are a few 5-star candidates for the next character banner, and it could be any one of them.

What is the first banner in Genshin Impact 2.2?

Raiden -> Kokomi -> Yae -> Ganyu -> Hu Tao -> AlbedoNo Guarantee of that exact order or that it won't changeRemember, you don't have to pull on Day 1, wait to make a decision on what banners to pull on.Have fun watching the livestream tomorrow!#GenshinImpact #原神

Ubatcha’s tweet from August indicated Yae Miko would be the first 5-star on the 2.2 banners. However, this possibility has grown increasingly unlikely since this leak. Data miners found nothing significant about Yae in the 2.2 beta, so it’s more likely that the update will be full of reruns.

Apart from Thoma's likely debut in version 2.2, no other new characters are predicted for the update. Therefore, Gorou fans may have to wait a while longer before the Resistance General comes around. The same goes for fans of the opera singer, Yunjin.

[2.2 Beta]Looks like Thoma is on the 2nd banner of 2.25 stars are unknown currently but it looks like only re-runs#GenshinImpact #原神

Ganyu rerun

Ubatcha’s original banner roadmap may be inaccurate, owing to Yae likely coming in a later version. However, players still expect the reruns Ubatcha mentioned to come somewhat soon. Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Albedo are all due for reruns, and some rumors believe the Adeptus will arrive first.

i get the feeling that the original leak was correct, with yae > ganyu > hu tao > albedo, but yae probably was delayed by an update and switched places with hu tao. i still think that the childe rerun is actually just ganyu rerun but we'll see
hold on so rumors be like2.2 hutao ganyu2.3 yae albedo2.4 ayato and someoneRight???Wait this patch is 2.1 right??…

With Ganyu’s popularity, there’s good reason to believe miHoYo would give her a rerun. Her original banner may have been surrounded with the “Cryo Amber” ideas, but that’s far from the case nowadays. The Genshin Impact community understands how good Ganyu’s DPS is, meaning miHoYo could see a lot of profit from a rerun.

Hu Tao rerun

Ganyu rumors have grown somewhat quieter as version 2.2 approaches, but Hu Tao seems more likely for the update.

// leaksso 2.2 will be reruns, and a big chance it would be hu tao and childe,, but ganyu and xiao has a possibility
// genshin 2.2 leaksu have GOTTTT to be kidding me WHERE IS MY GANYU RERUN ???

A credible leaker, abc64, was confident that Hu Tao and/or Childe would have reruns in version 2.2. The leaker does mention that this should be taken with extra skepticism, and there’s no indication of the order either.

Nevertheless, if the 2.2 livestream confirms Hu Tao’s rerun, plenty of players will surely save up their Primogems for her. Hu Tao is one of the game’s most popular characters, and one of the best DPS units as well.

Childe rerun

Childe’s rerun is something of a dark horse for the next Genshin Impact banner. Leaks originally didn’t mention him at all, but his return has grown increasingly likely.

Q: is hu tao’s rerun the first half or is childe’s second rerun on the first half?A: childe is confirmed, hu tao is not(childe’s rerun is confirmed for 2.2 while hu tao is not confirmed.)

The leak above indicates that Childe is confirmed for version 2.2, though this could be untrue. Some players are questioning the credibility of this leak, and it’s even more unlikely just because of how difficult it is to predict reruns.

In the sense of banners, while new characters are easy to "figure out," re-runs are a completely different matter to the point of being completely unreliable or straight up wrong or impossible to figure out.

Regardless, Childe’s rerun is now commonly believed to be for version 2.2. Rumors are now circulating that the banner roadmap may look like the image below:

Possible Genshin Impact banner roadmap (Image via maurotsk)
Possible Genshin Impact banner roadmap (Image via maurotsk)

Perhaps the best evidence that Childe will get a rerun is that his new signature bow has been leaked for Genshin Impact 2.2. Signature weapons often appear in tandem with their characters, making Childe a strong rerun candidate for the update.

idc anymore i WILL get this bow no matter what i will I WILL GET THIS just for childe i will childe u aint gonna use that skyward anymore childe I'LL GIVE THE BEST FOR U I'll get u this fatui bow

Childe has already had a rerun, which took place in April. It is therefore a little odd for Genshin Impact to give him another appearance before the likes of Ganyu and Albedo. Regardless, with his signature bow leaked, the Harbinger is now the most likely character to get a rerun in version 2.2.

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