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Which characters have the best abilities in Garena Free Fire?

The game’s developer frequently introduces new characters to keep the game fresh and exciting (Image via
The game’s developer frequently introduces new characters to keep the game fresh and exciting (Image via
Modified 21 Mar 2021

Characters in Free Fire possess unique abilities, enhancing players’ gameplay and helping them edge out competitors on the battleground. The game’s developer frequently introduces new characters to keep the game fresh and exciting.

The game features more than 30 characters, and their abilities can be categorized into active (need to be activated) and passive (always active).

This article lists out the best characters in Garena Free Fire.

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Characters with the best abilities in Free Fire

#1 - Chrono

Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono, the in-game persona of the world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, is one of the most potent characters in Free Fire.

Description: "Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe."


Ability: Time Turner (Active)

Price: 599 diamonds

His ability is in a league of its own, as, upon activation, a force field that blocks 600 damage is created. Players can also fire from within. Simultaneously, players and allies' movement speed get buffed by 30% and 15%, respectively.

All these effects last nine seconds, while there is a cooldown of 40 seconds.

#2 - Alok

Alok in Free Fire
Alok in Free Fire

Even though Alok was released in late 2019, it is undeniably one of the most coveted characters in this fast-paced title. It was added to the game as part of the collaboration with renowned - Alok Petrillo.


Description: "Alok is a world-famous DJ, ready to drop a beat."

Ability: Drop the Beat (Active)

Price: 599 diamonds

The ability is quite an effective one as it creates a 5m aura that replenishes 5 HP/s for 10 seconds and enhances the ally movement speed by 15%.

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#3 - K

K in Free Fire
K in Free Fire

K is based on the music artist – KSHMR. The character is quite peculiar as its ability has two separate modes, each having a different effect.

Description: K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.

Ability: Master of All (Active)

Price: 599 diamonds

It increases the maximum EP by 50. The two modes are as follows:


Jiu-jitsu mode: It boosts EP to HP conversion rate by 500%.

Psychology mode: This mode restores 2 EP every 2 seconds up to 150 EP.

There is a mode switch cooldown of 3 seconds.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else. Also, this is not a list in any particular order. It is a generalized list of the best characters with passive abilities in Free Fire.

Published 21 Mar 2021, 13:45 IST
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