Taliyah's versatility and win rate in League of Legends has always failed to justify her poor pick-rate amongst players

Taliyah is a versatile champion, but her kit is hard to use (Image via League of Legends)
Taliyah is a versatile champion, but her kit is hard to use (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Taliyah has always been an unpopular champion within League of Legends. However, just because she was unpopular does not mean she was not versatile. Taliyah is a champion who has played in a variety of positions. She has found a home in the jungle, mid, and even in the bottom lane for quite some time.

The reason for her versatility is because she is quite strong when it comes to dealing AP damage. A full combo of Taliyah can destroy anyone in the game, which is why players found her easy to use. While mid and bottom versatility has been seen in many champions, the jungle was unique to her.

It was observed that Taliyah in League of Legends has good jungle clearing speed and also that she thrives the most as a jungler. This is why people started to prefer her towards the jungle a lot more.

Despite being unique and versatile, Taliyah failed to find popularity in League of Legends

While it is true that she is versatile and can be used in multiple ways, Riot has failed to make her popular amongst the League of Legends players. For some reason, her pick-rate is absolutely abysmal, and as a result, players feel she might need changes to match the likes of Viego and Xin Zhao.

However, Riot's problem is that her win rate does not justify a buff to her kit. She has a 55% win rate with a 2% pick-rate in League of Legends. This leads to the question of what could be her issue that creates this major dilemma. Usually, when a champion is versatile and strong, players abuse them regularly. For instance, Viego with Divine Sunderer is one such example, as he was a terror to deal with in patch 11.15.

The exact reason for this is hard to figure out. However, one issue that Taliyah faces is landing combos in League of Legends. Taliyah needs to land her full combo on champions to unleash her entire power, and that is hard to do as her skill-shots are kind of easy to dodge. If even one spell misses, she loses her effectiveness and thereby makes her very situational in nature. That's why Taliyah is not as much preferred, and her fan base is minimal.

While there is no proper way to fix this problem, Riot can always rework her within League of Legends. Buffing a champion with a 55% win rate is madness, and therefore, Riot is lost in this situation. However, according to Riot’s developer GalaxySmash,

"I think at this point its clear to get a big increase in pick rate she would require some large-scale work which is difficult to find time for, but not out of the question

Therefore, even though nothing is planned in the immediate future, Taliyah is definitely in the minds of the developers as a potential candidate for rework in season 12 or beyond.

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