Who has the most wins in Fall Guys?: This Streamer with 698 wins could be the answer

Image Credits: Devolver Digital
Image Credits: Devolver Digital
Rishabh B.

In the recent past, much has been made about the August 2020 released Battle Royale game ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown’. The game initially took the internet by storm, with almost every notable gamer trying his hands on it. While some succeeded, others, such as TimTheTatman, weren’t as lucky.

Fall Guys features upto sixty players who have to participate in various randomly selected mini-games to become the last ‘jelly-bean’ standing. Unlike most other battle royale games, Fall Guys does not have violence, or even a serious skill threshold. With so many gamers trying their hand, some impressive records have already been made and broken.

Image Credits: Devolver Digital
Image Credits: Devolver Digital

In this article, we look at a Twitch streamer who might well be the gamer with most Fall Guys wins until now.

Who has the most wins in Fall Guys?: This Streamer with 698 wins could be the answer

InventorBlades is a Twitch gamer/streamer with around 55.3k followers on Twitch and 1.46k subscribers on YouTube. InventorBlades started out as an Assassin’s Creed streamer but has recently played more of other games such as Fortnite, GTA V, and Fall Guys.

Since August 5th, the Twitch streamer has been documenting his victorious journey in Fall Guys. As you can see below, he posted about his 7th win on Twitter on August 5th.

Since then, the streamer has documented each and every Fall Guys win on what has become a very lengthy Twitter thread. At the time of writing, InventorBlades had posted about his 698th win earlier today ie. 8th October.

Needless to say, the gamer/streamer might just have the most number of wins among Fall Guys players across the world. Moreover, there seems to be no evidence of the streamer wanting to stop anytime soon in the future. While the next milestone is obviously the 700th win, he might even be looking to hit four digits soon enough!

At the time of writing this article, InventorBlades was actually online and well, playing Fall Guys. The streamer also let his viewers know that he is looking to get a further 5 wins by the end of the day. This means that the 700th win might be merely hours away. You can watch the live stream below.

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