Why Among Us public lobbies are getting increasingly frustrating

Among Us public lobbies are plagued with issues that are frustrating the community
Among Us public lobbies are plagued with issues that are frustrating the community
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Among Us fans are getting tired of repetitive issues that are spoiling the gameplay experience.

These problems are caused by hacks, the difference in player preference, and, obviously, disconnections when not chosen as the Impostor.

Having taken over streaming platforms and social media, Among Us is definitely the most popular title at the moment. However, as much fun as it can be, the title is being plagued by many issues that are ruining the in-game experience for many.

Be it the ever-increasing number of hacks or the apparent disconnections at the start of the round, public lobbies in Among Us have seen it all.

The agony of public lobbies in Among Us

Public lobbies in the game can be extremely frustrating at times due to various reasons. Apart from random accusations without any explanation or evidence, many players are disconnecting when not selected as the Impostor.

If dealing with these issues was not enough, Among Us has been plagued by hackers recently. Starting from speed hacks to programs that allow Crewmates to use vents, public lobbies in Among Us are becoming a frustrating place for the community.

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The InnerSloth-developed game, designed to have fun with friends, is a platform where many choose to spend time during breaks or between classes. However, with these recent issues cropping up, the community is extremely disappointed at public lobbies in Among Us.

That being said, InnerSloth has started handing out bans to players caught hacking, and they could soon add an anti-cheat engine to Among Us.

However, that still doesn't fix the issues regarding players disconnecting when not selected as the Impostor or when they leave the lobby because their preferences do not match with the others. After all, not everyone likes playing with the speed set at 3x, along with a 10-second kill cooldown.

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This means that public lobbies in Among Us might get even more frustrating in the future as we see a rise in the number of player disconnections. As a result, playing with friends in a private lobby might turn out to be the only proper experience for players.

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