Why was Destiny banned from Twitch?

Destiny has been banned again on stream, this time, for promoting hateful conduct (Image via Destiny/Twitch)
Destiny has been banned again on stream, this time, for promoting hateful conduct (Image via Destiny/Twitch)

Steven “Destiny” has seen another ban on Twitch, which occurred on March 23, 2022. While an official reason has been given, the platform seldom does. The streamer recently took to his YouTube channel to discuss the issue.

According to the streamer, he was given three reasons he would have been banned on the platform, though no actual moment on his stream was revealed.

Twitch states Destiny was banned for “hateful conduct”


In the latest YouTube stream from Destiny, the streamer revealed it was hateful conduct that was the cause of his ban, but was not given any specifics. Instead, the platform allegedly said he was given some of the rules he may have broken to receive the punishment. He talked about how the platform doesn't give him a specific reason for his bans. Elaborating further, at the 5:47:12 mark, he said:

“They said that a violation occurred on stream, and then the three possible reasons they gave were: posting a combination of words and emotes in chat to promote denigration based on race, praising or supporting a hate crime. And then the third one, this would blow my mind if it’s the third one, ‘advocating for the exclusion of a group of people based on their disability.’”

The streamer couldn’t believe it would be the third option, and he also shot down the possibility of it being hate raids. He made it clear he doesn’t believe his community does such a thing.

This is not Destiny’s first ban on Twitch, and was also de-partnered back in 2020 for allegedly promoting violence towards protesters. It’s not clear how long the streamer will be banned, but it very well could be longer than his previous 3-day ban.

The streamer can continue to create content elsewhere since he is no longer a partner, but as of this writing, cannot stream to Twitch.

Social media suspects that Nick Fuentes' presence on the stream led to Destiny's ban

While there is no official reason given at this time, the popular opinion seems to be a recent stream he held that involved Nick Fuentes. Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist political commentator and has been classified as a white supremacist by the Anti-Defamation League.

The problem is that Nick Fuentes is banned on Twitch, and that is something the platform takes incredibly seriously. Hikaru was recently banned for having Dr DisRespect on stream, just as one example of many.

It’s not likely to be anything the streamer said on Twitter. Destiny stated in the YouTube stream that it was something that happened while he was on the air. Nick Fuentes was reportedly on the stream for 10 minutes, which is likely long enough to get Twitch to drop a punishment on him.

Though he did move the stream to YouTube after that ten minutes, it was probably too late to stop any punishment from coming through. That read to many as the streamer knew his guest was banned on the platform and that it was dangerous to do.

The Amazon-owned platform may not stick to many of its rules, but “no banned streamer” is certainly one that gets enforced regularly. With that in mind, the Twitch streamer is likely going to stay banned on Twitch for the next few days, at the very least.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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