Why was Fousey arrested? Exploring the streamer's antics that resulted in him being handcuffed on livestream

Fousey arrested by Miami police (Image via Kick)
Fousey arrested by Miami police (Image via Kick)

Twitch and Kick star Yousef "Fousey" has once again garnered the internet's attention after staging a swatting incident during one of his recent livestreams. For context, the streamer received a phone call from an individual who claimed to be banned on Kick and proceeded to abuse him. In response, he contacted the police, falsely asserting that the caller was in possession of a firearm and threatening him.

He exclaimed:

"Send the f**king cops! Send the cops! There's a gun to my head right now. There's a gun to my head. Ma'am, ma'am, he left. Ma'am he left, there's a gun to my head."

"I'm suing all y'all" - Fousey issues threat to the police following recent prank gone wrong

Fousey is known for creating viral content, but his recent subathon has garnered attention due to various incidents. His latest livestream follows a similar pattern, as he shared misleading and exaggerated details about his personal safety to the police.

After urging the police to come to his hotel, the streamer was met with a gathering of officers attempting to interact with him. While one of the cops attempted to understand the situation, the content creator exclaimed:

"You guys will just stand there and do nothing with your hands out? This is Miami Day police? I'm being serious, my life's in danger, you're sitting here and staring at me. Nobody works hard in this world. Your out (as one cop leaves the room), you're not gonna protect me? You're on camera you f**k!"

The conversation quickly escalated, with Fousey claiming that the individual had contacted his mother the previous day and issued threats towards her. One of the officers then inquired about how he would like them to assist him in the situation, to which he said:

"I have his address! I said grab my security 20 minutes ago! (suggesting he has it)"

Having seen enough, the leading officer decided to arrest Fousey for his violent behavior, as the streamer continued his rant:

"You guys are dumb as f**k! You guys are literally d**m as f**k! Ay, record this! Security! Come in here now! Yo! for my protection, come in here. He can't come in? Y'all are f**ked. I'm suing all y'all. My life is in danger and you arrest a Palestinian Muslim who is viral? Are y'all dumb or you're stupid?"

Shortly after, the internet personality was escorted out of the room, and one of the police officers chose to promptly turn off the camera.

What did the fans say?

The clip of Fousey's latest shenanigans quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter), garnering a multitude of reactions. Here are some of them:

The streamer himself reacted through a Kick streamer's chat, stating:

As of the time of writing, Fousey's social media accounts remain dormant (his last activity coming at least two hours ago). Further updates are expected to be released soon.

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