Twitch streamer and YouTuber Fousey accused of taking advantage of drunk woman

Fousey breaks down after being accused of taking advantage of drunk woman in an airport (Image via Fousey/Twitch)
Fousey breaks down after being accused of taking advantage of drunk woman in an airport (Image via Fousey/Twitch)

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Fousey has recently been accused of taking advantage of a woman who was drunk in an airport while streaming. This individual — who'd apparently told the content creator that she was a victim of s*x trafficking — was inebriated when the two started kissing on video. A couple of minutes later, they disappeared, leaving the camera on a table.

After coming back Yousef "Fousey" excitedly told his viewers that he had joined the "mile high club" but stated afterward that it was a prank. The internet, however, is divided. Many are calling out the Twitch streamer who is currently doing an IRL subathon.

Trigger warning: Mention of s*x trafficking and assault.

"I got exposed tonight": Fousey breaks down crying after viewers call him out for taking advantage of inebriated woman


Yousef has been doing an IRL subathon on Twitch for over a month and has already gotten into a lot of hot water after he used the N-word while rapping along with a song a couple of days ago. His immediate reaction of shock and apology did soften the blow as many defended him.

However, this time the controversy is not so cut and dry. Fousey was live streaming in an airport, waiting for his flight, when he came across a woman who was drinking at the bar. As they started talking, he asked to kiss her on camera to make his Discord members jealous.

Subsequently, the woman said she wasn't sober and revealed that she had been a victim of s*x trafficking. Hearing that, this streamer and his viewers donated a couple of thousand dollars. However, after that, they started making out again and left the camera in the restaurant.

Fousey came back and told the viewers that he had joined the "mile-high club." However, after his chat started calling him out for taking advantage of the drunk woman, he backtracked. Saying that it was a prank, the YouTuber stated:

"I joined the mile high club. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I should not have shared that. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm lying, by the way, it was a joke. It's a joke, a huge joke.... You got pranked by FouseyTube."

However, later in the stream, he broke down crying and said:

"I spent my whole career pretending to be a good person. What can I do to make people like me? I'm not a good person. I'm not a good person.... And I got exposed tonight. I'm not a good person."

"I'll be back shortly": Fousey says he will go to therapy as family and friends want him to check in with the doctor

In a post on X, he announced that he would be attending therapy and would not make content till his family and friends think he is fit enough to stream. Saying that he has become mean and angry despite taking medications, the streamer said:

"I thank every one of you for supporting this journey. This isn't content. This isn't Twitch or YouTube. This is my REAL life. I am living my life on camera 100000% authentically. I'm not perfect, but neither was the Prophet SAW. I love you. I'll be back shortly."

It is unclear when he will be back to streaming; however, Fousey's Twitch channel has not abandoned the subathon and is currently playing old VODs.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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