Why is Ice Poseidon one of the most controversial Twitch streamers?

Ice Poseidon has become a notorious figure on the internet (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ice Poseidon has become a notorious figure on the internet (Image via Sportskeeda)

Paul "Ice Poseidon" shocked the internet by announcing his return to Twitch after years of hiatus. The 27-year-old was banned from the purple platform and was criticized on multiple occasions due to his involvement in controversial incidents ranging from swatting to Ponzi schemes.

YouTubers such as Coffezilla, J Aubrey, and Internet Ajay have recorded the intriguing rise and fall of the IRL streamer. This article will attempt to track back at the chicanery that has always loomed large in Paul's internet career so far.


The controversial rise and fall of Ice Poseidon

Paul is considered to be a central figure in the making of IRL streaming and mainstream content. During his heyday, he was making over $60K each month from sponsorship deals alone. However, his career did not remain on an upward trajectory, instead derailing itself to a massive downfall.

Doing IRL streams on a regular basis, with the added pressure of creating engaging content, took a serious toll on the streamer's mind. He revealed in a stream that he barely interacted with his parents and argued with them on most occasions.


Ice Poseidon's first notable ban came during an IRL stream where he inadvertently leaked a lady's number. This landed him with a 45-day ban from Twitch. Additionally, he was seen making subtle racist jokes. In one video, he was heard saying:

"Who else is white? All of us? Thank god."

He also received flak for faking a breakup story with his then-girlfriend Carolina. Many fans started calling out the streamer and even accused him of scripting his daily routine for views.

Since Ice Poseidon led a rather open life, many of his viewers would swat him. He is estimated to have been swatted an incredible 40 times.

Much to his detriment, in one IRL stream, he had leaked his flight information. A viewer called in on a bomb threat on the streamer, leading to his Twitch channel being permanently banned.


Since his ban, he seemed to calm down. However, the peace was temporary. The streamer hit the news yet again in 2022 after partaking in a botched crypto scheme called CXCoin.

Ice Poseidon affirmed that he took $500,000 from his fans via the crypto project after being vilified by YouTuber CoffeeZilla. He said:

"Yeah, I could give the money back. It is within my power, but I am going to look out for myself and not do that..."

Paul took the money and denied that he scammed people, further infuriating his viewers by revealing his plans to invest the stolen money in crypto.

From starting as a RuneScape streamer to being a so-called scammer, the tale of Ice Poseidon is littered with contentious moments. With the streamer announcing his return to Twitch after five years, fans are skeptical about his future on the platform. It remains to be seen whether Paul will get back to his previous levels of fame.