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"Why play a game that sucks?": Tfue explains why Fortnite streamers have 'no personality', calls it a dead game

Image via Tfue & Fortnite
Image via Tfue & Fortnite
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Tfue has said that he is no longer a fan of Fortnite, and anyone who is still streaming the game must have no personality.

When the chat asked Tfue about the current state of Fortnite and the new updates aimed at combating gambling and 'wagers,' Tfue explained the update and then stated that he did not genuinely care. Also, he claimed that very few big streamers care about the game anymore.

According to him, the best streamers moved on to other games because they did not need to play Fortnite to keep an audience. Thus, only good but uninteresting players remained. He said:

“That’s crazy, it’s almost like all the big streamers with somewhat of a personality have ventured off to different games because they realized that they’re not braindead Fortnite players with absolutely Zero… f***ing brain cells and only mechanics and they realized that they have a personality and they can venture off and play other games and still have a streamer career, you know?”

Although it is clear that Tfue feels streaming Fortnite is something that anyone can do, that does not make them a worthwhile streamer. Furthermore, Tfue has stated that even if he were to go back to Fortnite and gain attention, he does not want to or have to.

It seems that Tfue was not interested in concentrating on Fortnite and he stated that it was a dead game.


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TFue did clarify what he meant about streamers without personalities playing Fortnite.

After his comments about the big streamers leaving Fortnite, Tfue clarified his feelings about the streamers who stream Fortnite now. He said:

“… Unlike some people that literally only have mechanics and are stuck playing that game because they have no personality and will get zero viewers playing any other game. So basically, Fortnite is just filled with a bunch of people with zero personality and the game is f***ing dead…”

He went on to further criticize Fortnite. He said:

“… All the amazing personality-filled content creators that I met playing Fortnite are all now not playing Fortnite. Why? Because they don’t need it… So why play a game that sucks?”

Tfue does not hold any passion for the game, which once regarded him as one of the best. Tfue does not see Fortnite as anything other than a game from his past.

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Published 29 Mar 2021, 02:35 IST
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