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The eternal debate about Fortnite 'dying' rages on

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Modified 28 Mar 2021

There are so many aspects of Fortnite, and what people presently consider 'dying' to be, there is not only one answer, but instead many.

Over the past few years, the idea of whether or not Fortnite is dying has become increasingly prevalent in gaming circles. Fortnite’s competitive scene is not what it used to be, and old pros like Myth, Tfue, and Ninja continue to retire from the game.

Though some people claim otherwise, it is still incredibly popular, as Epic Games continues to make money from the game. Fortnite is doing better than ever in terms of profitability. Fortnite has become widely known for its collaborations, which have led to high-profit margins.

Of course, Fortnite is not dying over profit; if it keeps making money, then it will live. However, survival is not always good because even though Madden survives and makes enormous profits, it has been widely criticized as a yearly money grab. Although Fortnite has not followed in the footsteps of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, it still has the risk of fading in a sense.

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Some would consider Fortnite dead if it lost its reputation as the best Battle Royale, all the streamers and pros, and only made profits at the beginning of each season. Yet, if Fortnite continued making record profits while this happened, it would not be dead; it would just be a shadow of its former self.


In this case, death means Fortnite is taken down and stops making money, but there are other definitions for death, and that is why there will continue to be debate over this topic.

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Fortnite’s ‘death’ may be far in the horizon but the identity crises is has is real

The dislike of Fortnite’s collaborations came at its strongest after Season 5 when Marvel was at the core of the game. People love Marvel, but this took up so much of the story, lore, weapons, and items that Fortnite felt like Marvel’s Battle Royale. Chapter 2 Season 5 felt like confirmation that Epic Games would do big, game-altering collabs just for money.

Fortnite is operating in a unique direction: perpetual profit without true innovation. Season 6 made numerous changes to the game, but it has not stopped the death talk because it is not a real change. Season 6 is just a different skin with the same challenges and concepts.

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The Fortnite story is supposed to change drastically with every new season, yet Season 6 has stayed mostly the same in lore to continue the hunter theme. In reality, Wilderness and Hunters are the same types of theme, so that skins can continue to sell in their style.


Fortnite has drastically changed thanks to collaborations, but these are profitable, which is excellent for Epic Games. This means it will continue and Fortnite will keep changing to please this way of making profits. The future feels very uncertain for Fortnite if the collaborations and the dedication to profit over gameplay continue.

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Published 28 Mar 2021, 23:44 IST
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