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PUBG: Why PUBG Mobile Microtransactions Are Not Hated By The Battle Royale Community?

Hritwik Raj
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:55 IST

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PlayerUnknown's Battleground Mobile is one the best battle royale video game available for free on the mobile platform. The game brought a revolutionary change in the mobile gaming market and managed to attract millions of players mainly due to the accessibility and the availability of the game. PUBG mobile looks phenomenal on mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile has evolved into a state where it is considered a benchmark for new mobile products. Now coming to the main point of today's article, we all know that PUBG mobile sustains its lucrative business through in-game transactions commonly known as micro-transaction.

Microtransaction in video games has been their for a long time but in the recent years it has become the primary way of earning money. People hate and retaliate from some of the micro-transaction schemes. PUBG mobile earns billions only through its micro-transactions. So how come the game has not received any major backlash from the community.

The answer to is quite simple, PUBG Mobile micro-transaction are primarily based on skins and cosmetics. The game focuses more on the aesthetic aspect than the greedy pay-to-win. The cost of cosmetics in the game are quite high but again the game manages to lay off the anger or frustration of the gamers by providing Royale Pass. Those who are unaware, Royale Pass is an alternative to earn new skins, cosmetics, emotes and a few other rewards.

The developers listen to their community and provide frequent updates to the game which keeps the community occupied. PUBG Mobile is a must play game, a game where one can start their career as a professional gamer, streamer or in any other field.

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Published 24 Jul 2019, 14:19 IST
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