Why WB Games Montreal reportedly making Gotham Knights exclusive to next-generation consoles is a good decision

The developers of Gotham Knights have decided to go with next-gen only (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive)
The developers of Gotham Knights have decided to go with next-gen only (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive)

Gotham Knights still have a few months to go before the game gets released on all the major platforms worldwide. Speaking of platforms, the developers have decided to walk a bold path. It has been reported that the game won't be released on the older generation consoles.

In simpler terms, only the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 will see the release of the upcoming superhero game. While this is sure to upset a set of fans, it might be the correct decision in the long run.

The next-generation consoles have been in circulation since late 2020 and have now entered their second year. Consoles of both Xbox and PlayStation are vastly superior when compared to the hardware capabilities of their respective previous generations.

I see people complaining about Gotham Knights being Xbox Series XS PS5 and PC only no last-gen but they gotta understand we are 2yrs into a new generation it's time to leave 2013 hardware behind they should go buy a Xbox Series XS or PS5 Series S is perfect for people on a budget

While graphics are a large part of that, there are other key areas where new generational consoles perform better. Developers have continued to support the older generation of consoles, but WB Games Montreal has other plans for Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights have reportedly ditched the older-generation consoles

A major reason for the continued support of the older generation consoles might have to do with the current chip shortage. This has resulted in lower supplies of next-generation consoles, despite better management by Xbox due to its two SKU formula.

Even when one considers everything, there has to be a point where gamers will reach this point. If Gotham Knights releases as per schedule, it will mark the second anniversary of the next-generation console launch. So one can't claim that WB Games Montreal is jumping prematurely on the bandwagon.

Gotham Knight has been rated for new generation and now for old generation 👀…

The limitations of the previous consoles are well known, and one needs to look at Call of Duty Warzone to understand the situation. Despite several requests, the game's console version doesn't support the customizable Field of View (FOV) option. This contrasts with the PC version, where players can tinker with it freely.

There have been several more instances where fans have pointed out the limited nature of the previous-generation consoles making the developers handicapped. Going with the next generation alone could help solve most of these problems.


It just won't be the graphical prowess of Gotham Knights that could be improved upon. The developers showcased a demo yesterday which shed light on the moves and abilities of the two characters in the game - Nightwing and Red Hood.

All four characters will have complex fight mechanics built around them that will require a certain degree of hardware capabilities.

120 FOV in Warzone 2 on Day 1.Original Warzone will never have a FOV slider due to technical limitations.

Making two separate versions for two different quality consoles can be pretty tricky. Questions might also be raised about why people get two different quality products. Hence, the best way to move forward is to take the path that WB Games Montreal is about to take.

Additionally, Gotham Knights won't be the only one taking this step. There are rumors that Call of Duty Warzone 2 will be going along the same path. While it hasn't been confirmed, the limitations of the first game might be a good enough reason for Activision to follow a separate path altogether.

@GothamKnights Hey thanks for cancelling the Xbox One version, blanketheads. There goes my preorder. Good job on abandoning people who can't afford (OR FIND) the new generation of consoles.

Gotham Knights going to the next generation alone might upset fans for the time being. Due to the chip shortage, the overall supply has been low, which has reduced its availability. However, some video games and their developers had to decide to look at the future.

One will have to wait for the game's release to find out what its quality will be. However, fan expectations will be high, especially since there won't be an older-generation console to blame.

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